Costco Chicken Meatballs by Aidells, Teriyaki Chicken

costco chicken meatballs

For those of you not familiar with the Aidells brand at Costco, you need to give them a try (scroll down for photos). They’ve been selling all different flavors of sausage for years & they are all amazing! I stumbled across this amazing find today & we’ve got ourselves some Costco chicken meatballs for dinner! Aidells sells this almost 3 pound pack of meatballs in the refrigerated section for $13.79. I almost missed it because it wasn’t located next to the sausages, it was located at the end of the refrigerated section which I commonly overlook. Well not this time! I grabbed myself 46 ounces of chicken meatballs to be enjoyed over the course of a few weeks & hopefully not a single night.

Costco chicken meatballs

I would consider Aidells a high quality brand. These teriyaki chicken meatballs are no different. They are fully cooked & very tasty. Their sausages get rave reviews & they are always trying to make their product a bit healthier than the rest. Take a look at the photos & you can see the ingredients. You can name just about every single one, which is a good thing. Here are a few details on this pack of chicken meatballs………….

  • All natural Chicken Meatballs, Teriyaki
  • Chicken Raised with no antibiotics ever
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No nitrates or nitrates added
  • Pork Free
  • Fully cooked & microwaveable

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Grab a bag today & save them for a gathering. Throw them in a slow cooker or instant pot (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), warm them up & they’ll be gone in no time. If you can’t find them at your local Costco, or you want to try different flavors (YES, they have different flavors!), buy them from Amazon Fresh & you won’t be disappointed…….

Price: $13.79, Item Number: 866185

16 thoughts on “Costco Chicken Meatballs by Aidells, Teriyaki Chicken

  1. These are great! I. Throw them in a crockpot on high for about four hours with Thai sweet chili sauce and serve that over rice. Adding some pepper would be super good too!

  2. These are a no. Gave them lots of chances, and prepared them several different ways including pan-frying, air frying, and skewered on the grill. The sodium to protein ratio is way off, waaaay off, far too salty for our family. The texture is also not great, spongy but also with gritty chunks, they just feel so processed like they are hot-dog meatballs or something. Maybe they could be used as a flavor-add by mixing into something else, I think there is enough nitrate-type taste in each meatball for a whole meatloaf. Will not buy again.

  3. Aidells used to make a teriyaki chicken in sauce instead of the meatballs. We liked it much better. Now i buy the 12 oz pkg of meatballs and make a copycat sauce or I make the sauce and boneless skinless thighs cut up. The sodium content of their product went up when they switched from Chicken in sauce to meatballs in sauce

    1. Thanks for the tip Rose. The Aidell’s are all usually pretty good. These meatballs are really easy. That’s clever to make your own sauce and keep the sodium content down. Thanks for sharing

  4. Fair review from me is that they are very sponge like and that might be an odd putting texture to some. However the price and amount for them is fair, I think you just have to be creative about reheating them to get past the texture if it is an issue.

    1. I would say that’s a fair description =). Spongy. They are pre-made so my standards are a little lower. They’re tasty & I still enjoy them =). Thanks for the review

  5. Obviously not the same as homemade and due to the teriyaki and pineapple flavor I agree that they are good to snack or use as an appetizer on their own, my kids love them. As a meal I rounded it out once with some rice, julienned carrot and cucumber and large lettuce leaves, kind of like an Asian lettuce wrap (I think this was a suggestion on the package?) Anyhow hope that helps.

    1. That’s a great idea. I never noticed that on the packaging! I’ll make sure to take a look next time. That is one of my favorite go-to meals too. Rice with meat and veggies. You’re right about not being as good as homemade, but they are so easy & great in a pinch. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Sorry to hear! They seem to be hit or miss at my Costco too. They are not in stock all the time. Aidell’s is the same way with their sausage. They don’t carry the same flavors all the time. My guess is they’ll show up soon, so keep an eye out

  6. We bought these about six months ago at Costco, then stuck them in the freezer and forgot about them until last night, when we needed meatballs to go in our spaghetti. I wasn’t sure about them, but they were absolutely delicious! Much better than the Italian sausage meatballs we usually get. We’ll definitely get them again next time we’re at Costco, and this time, they won’t be forgotten for half a year.

    1. Awesome! Glad you stumbled upon the great find. They are so easy and good! How did you warm them up? We usually just throw them in the slow cooker a few hours before eating. Keeps them warm for a long time so they can be snacked on! I like that they’re chicken too. We’re always trying to watch our red meat intake. Thanks for stopping by

    1. What didn’t you like? I thought they were a little soft, but none the less, they were tasty. It is chicken as opposed to beef so maybe that was a surprise.

      1. I came here hoping to find some recipes or recommendations for prep/serving. Anonymous commenter may not have been helpful, but they’re not totally wrong. If you’re used to ground beef or pork meatballs, these might be an unpleasant surprise. The pineapple flavor does not mesh well (IMHO, and I’m someone who loves pineapple on pizza) at all with tomato sauce, so there goes the obvious pasta topping. Alfredo sauce does these no favors… there’s something about the texture that doesn’t work with a white sauce. Has anyone tried chopping them up and using them in a burrito or taco?

        1. Fair enough. I think I mentioned above that I just throw them in a slow cooker & have them as a Hors d’oeuvre. That always seems to go over well. Maybe the people who don’t like them, don’t actually speak up. I’ll do some prying next time we put them out for a gathering. Thanks for the comment

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