Costco Electric Kettle, Chefman 1.8L Digital Glass Kettle

Costco sells this Chefman Electric Kettle for $39.99. Scroll down for photos. For those of you who still use a pot to warm up your water, you gotta give this a try. I know it sounds so simple to boil water, but these electric kettles are so convenient! You don’t have to worry about setting a timer so you never forget your boiling water. They heat up the water significantly faster & on top of that, you can get it to the precise temperature you are looking for. Not too hot & not too cold. Upgrade your life and get one of these electric kettles. This one even comes with a sleep timer, so you can have boiling water ready for you when you wake up. It doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but we absolutely love ours! Here are a few more details about this Costco Electric Kettle……

  • Brand: Chefman 1.8 Liter
  • Boils 2 Cups of Water in Just 3 Minutes & a Full Pot in 7 Minutes
  • 7 Precise Presets for All of Your Morning and Evening Beverages
  • LED Power, Heat, and Keep Warm Indicator Lights
  • The Bonus Tea Infuser is Included with Purchase
  • Advanced Digital Control for Precise Temperature
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • User Guide Manual (Download)

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Costco Chefman 1.8L Digital Precision Electric Kettle with Tea Infuser

These electric kettle’s make for awesome gifts! For me, this is something I normally wouldn’t buy myself. I’d walk by it every time I go to Costco & think to myself “I should get one of those” & then not buy it. I feel like a lot of people do the same thing. Even if someone has an electric kettle, this would make for a nice upgrade. With the tea infuser & the digital timer it’s sure to please. I found this next to all the other small kitchen appliances & cookware. currently sells it online for $44.99. That’s $5 more for shipping & handling. Get it in store! It’s also got a 4.3/5 star review. If you can’t find this at Costco or on, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED electric kettles…….

Price: $39.99, Item Number: 2246542

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14 thoughts on “Costco Electric Kettle, Chefman 1.8L Digital Glass Kettle

  1. After less than one year of use, my Chefman electric kettle has developed a couple of small rust spots on the upper inside metal band. The rust spots are on either side of the spout filter screen. This is a big disappointment, because, other than this issue, I really like the Chefman kettle.

  2. My kettle is less than a year old and the lid doesn’t stay closed and now at time it dings turn off. This is a serious safety concern. Does any one know if I should take it back to Costco or the manufacturer

    1. Sorry to hear. That’s not good. Does it seem like the lid has worn to the point of not being a secure fit. I would take it back to Costco. It will be no hassle & you can just grab a new one or the new model. You will probably get the runaround with the manufacturer.

  3. I really like this beeping kettle. Solid value at Costco and high quality kettle with many nice features.

    Does anyone know how to turn off and silence all the annoying beeps? Can’t find any info in the manual and I’ve tried holding all of the button combinations. I’d return, but like everything else about it (even the keep warm feature and disco lights).

    1. They have a newer version of this, which has the option to turn off the beeping. But you cannot tell from looking at the box which version you are getting. The instruction manual included will have 2021 on the back, and that one will have the muting feature. I own two of these, both bought within a week of each other, and one was the newer version, and one was the older one.

      1. Interesting. Good catch! Hopefully they can find the new one in store with the mute feature. I read the instruction manual I have and couldn’t find any mute buttons in the manual

    2. It is a great value. Thanks for the comment. I read the manual and there does not appear to be any way to turn off the beeps. It may be a safety feature. You could always open it up and unplug the speaker that makes the beeps. It probably will void the warranty but might work. Glad you like all the other features.

  4. Bought this kettle. Hate this kettle. It’s easy to burn yourself when refilling after having boiled water. The kettle insists on defaulting to keep water warm, consuming energy unnecessarily because you have to EXPLICITLY press a button to NOT keep water warm EVERYTIME. Want to save energy, buy something else. Other than this, it’s very good looking and easy to operate.

    1. Sorry to hear you dislike that feature. Thanks for stopping by to give your 2 cents. I have a kettle that has that same feature & I don’t mind it. I like the keep warm feature because sometimes I forget I turned it on & it’s nice that it’s always ready to go. Plus if I want it off I just turn it off soon after pouring. Glad you found it easy to operate & it looks nice. I still think it would make a great gift, especially since it’s on sale now. Thanks for stopping by

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