Costco Ice Maker, Frigidaire Countertop Self Cleaning

Costco sells this Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker for $79.99. Scroll for photos. During the summer we were always running short on ice. I’m not sure if our freezer just made it too slow or we were using it too fast. This would have been a really nice addition for those summer days or hosting a party. This unit is compact, stores well & produces 26 pounds of ice per day! That’s the equivalent of over 3 gallons of water per day. You can see in the photos the shape of the ice are in bullets. This unit would be perfect for hosting your own bar. You wouldn’t have to keep dragging bags of ice back and forth because you could have your own ice machine. Here are a few more details about this Costco Ice Maker…..

  • Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker
  • Up to 26 pounds per day of bullet shaped ice
  • Automated Self Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Outer Shell
  • Can make 2 different sizes of ice
  • Silent Operation
  • Digital LED Control Panel

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Costco Frigidaire Countertop Self Cleaning Ice Maker

This is a pretty slick machine for $80. Combine this with a Duracell PowerSource 660, Gasless Generator & you could really add some luxury to your camping. I found this in the small appliances section of Costco. It’s currently sold on Costco’s website for $89.99 & has some great reviews. It gets a 4.4/5 rating with over 600 reviews. For an electronic item like this, that is a high rating. If you’d like to comparison shop or check out some other size ice machines, make sure to check out these HIGHLY RATED ice makers on Amazon…..

Price: $79.99, Item Number: 1376539

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16 thoughts on “Costco Ice Maker, Frigidaire Countertop Self Cleaning

  1. Costco doesn’t really care about all the returns since they go back to the manufacturer anyway. At the end of the year(or periodically), the manufacturer gives a report to Costco and tells them ‘good job’ or needs improvements on returns.’ I know this because I worked for an office machine manufacturer and we had to analyze the reasons for the excess returns and make improvements with the stores like Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club etc.

    1. Interesting! I’d love to hear more about this. They way they accept returns I always assumed the required the manufacturer to eat some of the costs. Anyways, thanks for that

      1. The manufacturer always eats 100% of the costs on the returns-I sell to Costco and it kills me when people return items that are great/fine/worked as stated…etc. The returns due to user error or not liking the taste (too spicy or too bland) is just ridiculous and the end result of increased costs and lack of variety in clubs.

        1. Ya. Sorry to hear about that. Even though I know Costco has a liberal return policy I rarely use it. I try to only use it for something that is truly a bad item which is rare. If don’t like food that I purchased, I never return it. Like you said, I feel that’s on me as the consumer. I gave it a shot and didn’t like it. Not fair to the manufacturer. Thanks for sharing that info

    1. I found these in store several months back. Make sure to check every aisle of Costco including the center aisles. Sometimes they have all the kitchen accessories out in the middle as opposed to the side aisles. Hope that helps & I hope you find one!

  2. Are you calling Costco or Frigidaire? I don’t think you can blame Costco for not answering Frigidaire’s phone.

    1. Hopefully they are trying to contact Frigidaire. Worse case scenario is they can just return it for a full refund. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I bought mine last week & it’s been making ice since the 1st 15 minutes of cleaning it and plugging it in. The best purchase ever!

    1. Awesome! It’s a great little device, especially if you have a party going the next day & don’t feel like grabbing some ice. Run this thing the day before & make yourself a few bags of ice & you’re good to go. It make s for great looking cocktails too, with the bullet ice. Glad you like it!

  4. Not sure if this product is really worth it? I mean, my mother and I bought it a few weeks ago and it stopped working. Tried different outlets and such. It runs of course but the ice is never made. I can’t figure out the problem. apparently no one answers either? huh…

    1. Was it initially working when you purchased it. I was browsing through the manual & they have some troubleshooting options. Did you try unplugging it & letting all the ice melt and try re-filling and restarting? Does it give any lights to indicate what the error might be? Did you remove the drain cap on the back of the unit and drain out a small amount of water. Replace the drain cap and attempt to use the unit again? Let me know if any of that works or it starts working again

      1. That is why I love Costco so much. I don’t have to worry about any purchase because of their return policy. They’ve even warned me about items multiple times. They would mention how much a specific product is getting returned & not to buy it because they will be getting rid of it soon. Great customer service that keeps me coming back

  5. Ice machine so far works well..but had a question on self cleaning..called and of course nobody answers..I left a detailed message everyday!! For a week in a call back. It’s not good customer service at all..DONT THINK I WOULD EVER BUY ANOTHER COSTCO PRODUCT..CAUSE YOU CAN’T GET HELP WHEN YOU HAVE A QUESTION….

    1. That seems to be such a common theme with Costco products. It seems very difficult to get a hold of the company for any technical questions or issues. You would think these suppliers would do anything to prevent people from returning them to Costco, but maybe they aren’t concerned. Did any of the troubleshooting from the manual help? What was your question by the way?

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