Costco Healthy Noodle, Kibun Foods 6 Bags

Costco sells this Healthy Noodle box for $13.99. Do not pass this up if you spot it at Costco! Scroll down for photos. You can find this box in the refrigerated section. This is important because it is easy to miss. I didn’t catch this item my first pass through the section because it was located in the bottom of the refrigerator, plus I’m used to seeing noodles in the dry goods section. This is a healthy alternative to your everyday noodles that aren’t loaded down with carbohydrates (keto friendly). Leave a comment and please let me know what you think of these noodles. Here are a few more details about this Costco Healthy Noodle box………

  • Keto Friendly (5 grams / serving, 10 grams per pack)
  • Sugar Free
  • Fat Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Dairy Free

Kibun Foods Healthy Noodle at Costco

These noodles are ready to use, easy to make, odorless & a naturally white noodle. Don’t expect them to taste like your normal noodles, but do give them a chance. They can be enjoyed hot or cold. It even comes with a couple of good recipes on the back so they can be cooked with Italian Marinara or Pad Thai Noodles. For those of you with restrictive diets due to diabetes, high cholesterol, dairy sensitivity or you just simply want to eat healthier, these may be great for you. Here is a list of the ingredients…….

  • Water
  • Soybean Fiber Powder
  • Cellulose
  • Sodium Alginate
  • Yam Konjac Powder
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Salt

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I’m pretty sure they don’t carry these at every Costco so if you are looking for an alternative, try out these Skinny Pasta Noodles from Amazon. The difference here is these Amazon noodles do not contain soy, while the Costco noodles do. Check them out….

Price: $13.99, Item Number: 1027760

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140 thoughts on “Costco Healthy Noodle, Kibun Foods 6 Bags

  1. Just saw them on Laguna Niguel Grocery Outlet weekly flyer on Blowout five buck$
    Note:[not all stores carry same stuff]

  2. Hello, I love those Healthy Noodles by Kibun. Why did Costco stop carrying them? I’ve searched everywhere and it seems Costco is the ONLY place that has them. How can I get Costco to start carrying them again or allow people to order them?

    1. It is my experience that for all the wonderful things people say about Costco, it is, hands down, the most unreliable retailer around. You find something to try, like it, and next trip it is nowhere to be found. Ever. If anyone finds this product elsewhere I hope they will stand on the mountaintop and yell it out to the entire planet or at least to everyone who is obese, and that’s about 50% of the US population and at least 20% of all Americans are diabetic.

  3. Absolutely hate these so-called noodles. The packaging looks attractive but the content is just 6 bags of plain tasteless texture-less noodle-shaped white stuff without any sauce packets. Stumbled on this website when I was actually looking for similar complaints.

    1. Sorry to hear Jane. They’re just so easy for us on the go. Yes, they are bland, but I always just add some type of meat and hot sauce. It’s a quick, easy, relatively healthy meal. Sorry for the bad experience

  4. Healthy noodles are similar to (maybe same as) Shirataki noodles I purchase in the refrigerator section at Asian markets. The Costco brand are more tender, less chewy, than Shirataki, but have the same nutritional value. The Asian markets near me (Ann Arbor, MI) also carry Shirataki Tofu noodles that have extra soy protein from the tofu. Costco’s noodles are a little more expensive per serving. If your Costco doesn’t carry these noodles, an Asian market near you might.

    1. Wow. Thanks for the heads up Helen. That is useful. Lucky for me, my Costco ha had these in stock all the time. I try to grab 2-3 boxes at a time. They are so easy & a great quick meal. Thanks for the tip

      1. Love these noodles. Easy to prepare and use as a base for stew or meats. They are always in stock at my Costco in Houston.

        No fishy smell. You can eat them cold or warm.

  5. If anyone is trying to find a store near them that has these in stock, you can phone Costco customer service and provide then with the product number. They will let you know which store near you carries them. I finally found them in Atlanta (Marietta) Costco.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I have been buying these more & more recently. If you’re trying to eat healthy it’s a GREAT snack to have instead of chips or bread. I’m a big snacker, so I need to keep myself full to avoid the grazing. I’ve even been warming these up by themselves & dashing it with hot sauce & that’s it. It’s a quick and tasty snack

    1. No, unfortunately these can no be purchased online. These are sold in-store only. It’s such a popular item I don’t know why all Costco’s don’t carry these. Good luck and I hope you find them!

    1. From what I understand, these are a Costco only item. I haven’t heard of another place that sells these specific “Healthy Noodles”. Doesn’t mean that won’t change in the future. I’ve put some links above that are decent alternatives to these noodles, but they’re not quite the same. If you’re ever near a Costco try to grab several of them. Hope you get your hands on some soon

  6. I love these noodles. Just bought another box of these noodles two weeks ago, just found out they will expire next week. Can these be frozen. How long after the expiration will it be good for?

    1. I’m sure you can freeze them. I have no problem eating foods after expiration. That’s a personal choice for you to make, but if there’s no mold & it doesn’t smell bad, I always go for it. I have a pretty strong stomach and never had food poisoning, so I never have a problem risking it. The only issue with freezing these noodles is that they may lose consistency or texture. I’ve never frozen them so maybe someone else can chime in

      1. The box also says to keep refrigerated & apparently some Costco’s keep them on the floor. I’ve never frozen them but I’d be curious if they lose their consistency after being defrosted. I’ll have to give that a try unless someone here has already done it and can chime in

        1. I froze several boxes of these noodles and then mailed them from Las Vegas, NV to my niece in Alamagordo, New Mexico. They arrived in good condition and she kept them refrigerated. The texture held up well, and she fell in love with them. She is down to her last few bags, so here we go again with the mailing. I don’t pay much attention to expiration dates.

          1. Nice! That’s a clever way to do it. Glad she enjoyed to the healthy noodles! That may be the most extreme length’s I’ve heard of to get healthy noodles!

    2. Hi! I’m freaking out because I bought these via an online grocery order and did not know they had to be refrigerated. We left the box in our pantry and opened a pack tonight with dinner as a low carb option. I didn’t notice the refrigeration part until after I ate them. Am I screwed??

      1. No, you’re probably fine. I have also left them out of the refrigerator for long periods of time, but it never seemed to matter. I wouldn’t do it on purpose though. Let me know if any issues arise

    1. There are a few comments below where people found them in Southern California. I’m not sure exactly which stores, but they are still widely available in Northern California. Make sure to check the refrigerated section thoroughly. They are easy to miss. Hope that helps!

  7. These are still at the North Spokane Costco. I thought I’d try them and they’re so good! Just looking for recipes to use them in now.

    1. A few people have mentioned how they eat them below. Give a few of those recipes a try. Glad you have them in stock at your Costco.

  8. We still have them in refrigerator section near deli in Costco New Orleans. Love them under red sauce!! Havent found anything to compare to them. Hope they NEVER discontinue them.

    1. Great! Ya, hopefully they don’t discontinue them ever. These are wildly popular, so I don’t think they will anytime soon. Glad you enjoy them and thanks for sharing you’re tip

  9. Is anyone still finding these? I asked Costco and they said they’re discontinued. I absolutely love these and they are the only ones that work on my diet so worried if they’re really discontinued.

      1. Good to know. It seems to be a hit or miss at which Costco carries these. Lucky for me they are always in stock in the Bay Area, CA. Come back and let me know how you like them!

        1. San Francisco. Saw it yesterday. South San Francisco. Saw them today. They usually ALWAYS carry it at the South San Francisco location on El Camino. If San Francisco is easier you can grab them there. I purchased them yesterday in SF so I am 100% certain. Make sure to look thoroughly through the refrigerated section. Good luck

      2. Benita. I few people want to know which Atlanta location you purchased this. Bumping this comment. Hopefully you see the message

        1. No does not sell these online. The company is exclusive to Costco so they don’t ship to houses. If they’re not at your local Costco, they’re almost impossible to get. Keep checking your local Costco and hopefully they show up! Side note: I should start a business shipping these =).

      1. Glad to hear Trevor. It seems to be spotty which Costco’s carries these Healthy Noodles. Glad you were able to find them. How do you like them?

    1. Found them in LA so appreciate everyone chiming in to reassure me they’re still out there. Guess it’s just a case by case Costco. Thank you!

      1. Absolutely Jennifer. That is what it seems to be. There seems to be a lot of misinformation about the status of these Healthy Noodles. I am fortunate enough to have them in stock at all times at my local Costco’s. Glad you were able to find them. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as everyone else

    2. Yes! They are still all over the Bay Area. I find them every time. There seems to be a lot of confusion about this item. Some people report Costco is telling them it’s discontinued or not carried anymore. That can’t be true because I’ve been hearing that for almost a year now & they are still selling this product every time I go. It’s just a matter of IF you’re Costco carries it. Ask them to check your store & the stores around you. I hope you find it. Good luck!

      1. I bought these a couple months ago and put them in my cupboard, should I have put them in the refrigerator? Do you think they are still good if not refrigerator?

        1. I’ve heard it both ways. All I know is that every time I see these at Costco, they are in the refrigerated section. You could always open a pack and give it the smell test. I do that all the time with “expired” foods. Give it a shot and let me know

    1. So I found a Weight Watchers Calculator Online. Based on calories, sugar, saturated fat, and protein, each serving of Healthy Noodles has a value of “1” point for Weight Watchers. It’s got 0 grams fat, 0 grams saturated fat, 0 sugars & 0 proteins. It contains only 25 calories per 4 oz. serving, thus giving it a rating of 1. I hope that helps.

  10. These noodles are the VERY best. I served them for dinner one night, along with the regular pasta noodles, and my family ate them all and left the regular pasta noodles. Louisville, Ky Costco carries them.

    1. Wow! That’s great to hear! Much easier to cook too right? =) The nice thing about that is if you run out all you have to do is open another pack & they’re ready to go. Glad you were able to find them at your local Costco! Some people are really having a tough time finding them

    1. It may be worth a visit to see if they have them. Do you live far away? Not a member? Bumping this post to see if anyone can answer the question. I’m in California so I wouldn’t know

      1. quick question. just came back from Costco and noticed that the Konjac Noodles I bought last week are supposed to be refrigerated. I had them in my pantry which has an outside wall and they’re still cool to the touch. We live in the Chicago area. Do I throw them out? (it’s not Costco’s fault, but mine)

        1. I’d have no problem opening them & giving them the smell test. I am a little riskier when it comes to food though because I’ve got an iron stomach & never had food poisoning. Another commenter noted that the Healthy Noodles weren’t refrigerated, so they may not go bad for a while. Let your instincts guide you =). Let me know what you decide

                1. Glad to hear & glad you like them! It’s such an easy, quick, simple & healthy meal. Hopefully they always keep carrying them

          1. Ok. Good to know Deborah. Thanks for that. Ya, I’m pretty loose with my standards for stuff that’s gone bad. I’ve had products go bad in days that are supposed to last weeks, while other items last forever without spoiling.

    1. Glad you found them! It sounds like not every Costco carries this item, so I’m glad you’re able to enjoy. Make sure to stock up in case the disappear for a while!

  11. Do you still see them in your Costco? If so, I will pay for shipping and extra for your efforts if you’d buy some and send to me here in NorCal

    1. They are in the Northern California Costco’s (Bay Area). I see them EVERY time I go. I notice them now because I never realized how popular they are until I posted about them & received all the comments! People love the Healthy Noodles. I’d be happy to help out, but it would be difficult & expensive to keep them refrigerated for shipping.

    1. Sorry to hear Donna. This seems to be the case with a LOT of people. A Costco near them finally sells the product & then stop for whatever reason. Hopefully you find them again soon.

    1. Sorry to hear Kim. This seems to be such an issue with Costco’s This should be one of those items they have at EVERY Costco, but unfortunately they don’t. Have you tried asking a store worker if there are any nearby? I feel so spoiled because they are available at the 5 Costco’s around me. I’m assuming it’s because they are REALLY popular in the Bay Area, CA. Hope you end up finding them!

      1. I chatted with Costco support and the product has been put into Inactive on their system. But it might return in the future. Im bummed there was another product I like to eat as well Crepini egg thins has been removed from the refrigerated system. the Crepini is no longer carried.

        1. I still see it every time I go to Costco near me, so I wonder if it’s been discontinued/inactive regionally. This would make sense because there are several people who can’t find it at their Costco’s, but I see it EVERY TIME at mine. Thanks for the information Vince. Hope they end up bringing it back for you

        2. Same here, Vince. I spoke with Costco support in Oxnard and Westlake village, California and both said it would not be stocked anymore. They also said that many people are calling and asking for it…go figure!

          1. You can see the comments on here where people say they are no longer carrying them, but I’ve seen them on the shelves as of a few weeks ago. I’m going to go to Costco this week and see if I find them. They do periodically go out of stock, so if it’s not there I’ll make sure to keep this post updated. Thanks Cynthia

      2. Apparently they don’t sell them on the east coast- I emailed Healthy Noodle. They told me to put a request in at my Costco!

        1. I’m sure they would ship them to your local Costco if they were to sell. Like I said, I am located in the Bay Area where the Healthy Noodles are VERY popular, so I don’t expect to see them off the shelves any time soon. Hope you end up finding them!

          1. Where in the Bay Area are you? I’m in the east bay and they’ve been out of stock for weeks now! Super disappointed! My :ratio yogurt disappeared too

            1. Hi Jill. I’m on the peninsula. They ALWAYS have this stocked at both South San Francisco Costco’s. It may be worth a trip to load up. I haven’t seen the yogurt you’re talking about, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out

        1. Head on out to the peninsula Bernie! They are always in stock over here. The nice thing is you can hit 3 – 4 Costco’s along the way in case one is sold out. They always seem to be in stock here & I’m guessing it’s because this is one of the locations that sells the most. Let me know if you end up finding them again

      3. Costco Fan, You should buy them at Costco and sell them on Amazon! You would have all of our business!!!

        1. Haha! Thanks Amy! You are probably right. I don’t know if I want to open myself up to that, but it’s a great idea. Plus I wouldn’t want to markup the price to cover shipping costs which would negate the great deal! I believe these are supposed to be refrigerated too. It’s unfortunate they don’t sell them at all Costco’s because this is one of the most popular items I’ve seen. If I could figure out a way to get them to all the Costco Fan’s out there….I would! Thanks for stopping by

    2. Tried the noodles and love them! Went back for more but none to be found. Asked the manager to look them up and they are listed as inactive

      1. Oh no! That is so odd. There have been many comments about it being inactive, yet I see them EVERY time I go to Costco. I wonder if they inactivate products by region based on popularity. Bummer.

    1. Unfortunately not. Costco doesn’t sell these online & this specific brand is nowhere to be found but Costco. That may change but it seems this is exclusively sold at Costco. Have you tried asking any of the Costco employees? Sometimes it can be hidden in the refrigerated section. If you can’t find it, you can always check out the Skinny Pasta link in the post above. That seems to be a poplar alternative. Hope you end up finding them!

  12. Our Costco in Columbia, SC does not have them refrigerated and when I came home and read the package I put them in the refrigerator. I wonder if they will go bad sitting in store?

    1. Oh wow! Ya, it says right on the packaging “Keep Refrigerated”. I’ve seen this item in many different Costco’s & they are ALWAYS refrigerated. They are individually sealed packs so I have no idea how long they will last outside of the refrigerator. I would let one of the workers know if you plan on buying this item.

  13. Actually disappointed with these noodles. I cooked them in stir fry and they broke into pieces. Unfortunately they were also very mushy after cooking.

    1. Sorry to hear. They do already come cooked. I’ve used them in stir fry before, but I throw them in at the end & only warm them. I usually throw them in after I turn the heat off & there’s no issues. Have you tried using them any other way?

    1. Great! Thanks for the heads up. Ya, they are still in the Bay Area, Ca. I see them just about every time I go to Costco. In fact I’m on my last bag, so I’ll have to pick some more up next Costco visit. Thanks for the comment Karisa!

  14. Just picked them up in the salt lake area and Oh my gosh you guys- they are AMAZING and delicious! Not fishy and chewy like miracle noodles and easy to prepare- just rinse with water. I highly recommend!

    1. Woo Hoo! Another Costco Healthy Noodle fan! I was really surprised to because when I first pulled them out, they do not look appetizing at all! I thought they would be slimy too! With a quick rinse & something with flavor to go with… it’s an easy, healthy, cheap meal. Glad you like them & thanks for the comment

  15. These are so good. Found them in a Washington store. I have only used them so far for chicken fetticine alfredo. Thinking on doing a chicken noodle soup with them this weekend. YUM!

    1. Glad you like them! Chicken Noodle Soup is a great idea! Perfect for this time of year. You can have some gluten free soup with gluten free bread & you’re good to go. I’m glad you found them in your store. It sounds like they’re not carried everywhere. Let me know how the soup turns out

  16. I can’t get the here in Denver. Is there any way to get Them shipped. I contacted the company directly and they don’t ship.

    1. Sorry they don’t carry them in the Denver stores. I was just at Costco again yesterday. They still carry them in the Bay Area. There is no way to reasonably ship them (individually) since they need to be refrigerated. The cost of shipping might outweigh the benefit of the item (for small shipments). I’m sure you already checked with the store to see if they will be carrying them again? If not, you can always try that. I’m bummed for you. Sorry about that. Good luck & hopefully you’ll see them soon

      1. I don’t agree with this assumption. I lived in Louisville, KY for a while and they have them there. I don’t think it has anything to do with shipping/refridgeration.

        1. Sorry Morgen. I re-read my comment. It is confusing. I meant it wouldn’t make sense to ship them on an individual basis. You are right, it has nothing to do with shipping/refrigeration for bulk shipments. I’m sure Costco can easily get them there, it’s just whether or not they turn a profit. Thanks for the comment

    1. Ya. Thank for the comment! Hopefully you are able to find them soon. Just curious, where are you located? & did your Costco stock them before? Hope you find them soon!

      1. I’m in Seattle. I stopped by the Lynnwood Costco and the original flagship store and neither have them stocked right now :(. Yes, they definitely had them before. I also saw them stocked in Louisville KY in Dec of last year.

        1. Good to know. Thanks for the reply! Keep me updated. They still have them stocked at all 3 of my Costco’s as of this week. Like I said, I’m guessing they are a much more popular item in the Bay Area.

  17. I heard back from Kibun, manufacturer of Healthy Noodles. Costco is the sole distributor of these noodles in the U.S. Apparently, they will be stocking them again after the holidays, about mid-Dec. In the meantime, stock up if you can! 🙂

    1. Wow! that is great they got back to you. No wonder you can’t find them anywhere else except Costco! Thank so much for the heads up about keeping them in stock. Hopefully everyone who can’t find them will be finding them shortly. Thanks Cynthia!

  18. Hi Cindy, I couldnt find them anywhere in Tacoma and wrote to Kibun and they finally responded to me, here’s their answer:
    Healthy Noodle is a Costco exclusive item… we are working hard to expand into other stores and also online such as amazon!
    Unfortunately, Costco has decided to temporarily hold on ordering Healthy Noodle (during “Holiday season”) Healthy Noodle will be back through Costco in mid-December! I recommend stocking up to last you until then! Please help us keep Healthy Noodle as an everyday item so you don’t have to wait for it ever again!! Please let Costco know that you want Healthy Noodle (item #1027760) back as an everyday item by writing a feedback online (small tab on the right side on the page) or next time you go to your local Costco fill out a feedback card so that Costco will bring it back sooner! In order for this to happen Costco needs to hear those customers’ voice directly, they say!! Costco’s buyers have told me they check the feedback emails and cards every day and use these to bring in what members are asking for!

  19. Hi Cindy, I couldnt find them anywhere in Tacoma and wrote to Kibun and they finally responded to me, here’s their answer:
    Healthy Noodle is a Costco exclusive item… we are working hard to expand into other stores and also online such as amazon!
    Unfortunately, Costco has decided to temporarily hold on ordering Healthy Noodle (during “Holiday season”) Healthy Noodle will be back through Costco in mid-December! I recommend stocking up to last you until then! Please help us keep Healthy Noodle as an everyday item so you don’t have to wait for it ever again!! Please let Costco know that you want Healthy Noodle (item #1027760) back as an everyday item by writing a feedback online (small tab on the right side on the page) or next time you go to your local Costco fill out a feedback card so that Costco will bring it back sooner! In order for this to happen Costco needs to hear those customers’ voice directly, they say!! Costco’s buyers have told me they check the feedback emails and cards every day and use these to bring in what members are asking for!

      1. No, these are in-store only still! Yes, this post was a year ago, but I still see them everyday at my Costco & they do not ship, so not much has changed.

  20. Cannot find these noodles at Costco in the Seattle area. Closest warehouse that has them in Idaho. Cannot get through to Kibun in Seattle to find out where else they sell on local area. Very disappointed.

    1. So sorry to hear Cindy! You’re not the only one! It sounds like only certain Costco’s carry them. They are in stock in the 3-4 Costco’s in the Bay Area, but that is probably because they are very popular here. You can always check out the Skinny Pasta Noodles from the Amazon link above & see if they are close enough. Hopefully you are able to find them soon!

  21. I was very skeptical about the flavor of these noodles. I LOVE these. What a great low carb alternative, I hope they do not discontinue these EVER. They are amazing for our gluten free friends too!!!

    1. What I like the most is that you can flavor them however you like. They are so easy to make & fit all my requirements: easy, cheap & healthy. Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoy them as much as I do

  22. These noodles are an excellent alternative and they are really quick and easy to make. They’re not quite as tasty as regular pasta, but they do pick up the flavor of whatever you cook them in. I love these noodles and will continue to buy them for as long as they are around

    1. Thanks for the feedback and please share your favorite recipe that you pair with these noodles. Always looking for new ways to use them.

    1. They are still in stock at my local Costco. You may want to grab the item number & ask your local Costco if they still carry it. Thanks

    1. Really? They are still in stock at my local Costco. Where did you hear this information? It seems as though these noodles are VERY popular. I’m not sure why they would take them off the shelves

        1. It may be worth a visit to see if they have them. Do you live far away? Not a member? Bumping this post to see if anyone can answer the question. I’m in California so I wouldn’t know

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