Costco Peanut Oil, 4.58 Gallons or 35 Pounds

Costco sells their Kirkland Signature Peanut Oil for $47.99. Scroll down for photos. For all of you who will be deep frying a turkey this year, make sure to get your peanut oil at Costco. It is one of the cheapest place around plus you get that quality Kirkland Signature brand. My wife & I tried a deep friend turkey a couple years ago and it was amazing! I had never eaten it before & I was shocked when we arrived & the turkey was still uncooked. I thought something was wrong because I had no idea it only took about 30 – 60 minutes depending on the size of the bird. Just make sure there’s not too much water on the bird or that it’s not still frozen before cooking =). YouTube “Turkey Fails” & enjoy. Anyways, here are a few more details about his Costco Peanut Oil…….

  • Brand: Kirkland Signature
  • Peanut Oil
  • 4.58 Gallons
  • 35 Pounds
  • 0 grams Trans Fats
  • Recommended for Pan Frying & Deep Frying

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5 Gallon Peanut Oil Costco, Kirkland Signature

Obviously there are many more uses for peanut oil than cooking a turkey. I only mention the Turkey because we are 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving & there will be a lot of deep frying going on. Costco doesn’t always sell Peanut Oil, so this is a good time to buy it if you like to deep fry a lot of foods. This is one of the best deals around. It’s not quite 5 gallons because you get 4.58 gallons or 35 pounds. I even searched for this at Business Costco & they don’t carry it all the time, so buy it while you can. Since it is Thanksgiving, I am going to recommend some HIGHLY RATED deep frying kits for your Turkey. Make sure to look at these if you’ve never deep fried a turkey before. You’ll be glad you did!!!!……

Price: $47.99, Item Number: 71013

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