Costco Avocado Oil, Marianne’s 2 Liter Bottle

This is one of several brands I’ve seen at Costco for avocado oil. This is Marianne’s Avocado Oil ‘(scroll for photo’s) & it comes in a 2 liter container. We always try to have a bottle of Costco’s Kirkland Signature Olive Oil & a bottle of Costco avocado oil in our cabinets. The main reason for this is the smoke point of avocado oil is much higher. Extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point of 375 – 400 degrees while avocado oil has a smoke point of 500 degrees. When an oil is heated past its smoke point, it generates toxic fumes and free radicals which are extremely harmful to your body. This is why we like to have avocado oil on hand because we use it when frying tostadas or making chips. Be cautious when using it for salad dressings, because it has a different taste than Costco’s standard olive oil. There is TONS of information out there in regards to health benefits & uses of different type of oils, but we like to keep it simple. We use olive oil for salad dressings/low heat food & avocado oil for high heat. Here is a little more information about this product……..

  • Costco Avocado Oil, Marianne’s Harvest Brand, 2 liters
  • Non GMO Project Verified
  • Made from 100% avocado’s
  • Smoke Point: 500 degrees (see photo)
  • Made in the USA with avocado’s from Mexico
  • BPA Free bottle

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Costco Avocado Oil

As far as health, I can’t say I notice a difference between olive oil & avocado oil. I am generally always using both of them so it would be hard to tell. If you really want to get down to the details go ahead and “google search” the different health benefits & get back to me after a couple days=). There is an enormous amount of information out there when dealing with the health of these products. We just try to keep it simple. The ingredients say “Avocado Oil” & that’s it. We are big fans of ingredients that don’t sound like science projects, so that’s good enough for us. Costco also carries the “Chosen Foods” brand (so does Amazon), but they did not have it this time. I’ll make sure to post it next time I see it. If you are unable to find avocado oil at your local Costco (or even if they have it), you may want to check out these HIGHLY rated brands on Amazon………

Price: $18.79, Item Number: 1129578

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