Costco Speedo Goggles, Adult 3-Pack

Costco sells this Speedo Adult Goggles 3 pack for $15.99. Scroll down for photos. This is a pretty good deal for some name brand goggles. They basically come out to a little over $5 each. I own a pair of older Speedo Goggles which I’ve had no issues with. I am your casual swimmer that gets in the water only a few times a year. Speedo has been around forever & is a high quality swimwear brand. I found these goggles in the sports section of Costco. With the new year upon us, Costco is increasing their fitness items. This was new to the shelves because I didn’t see it prior to the new year. This would be a great purchase to throw in the summer box if you plan on pool/beach days. It’s always nice to have goggles around. Here are a few more details about these Costco Speedo Goggles……..

  • Wide View Mask
  • Easy Adjustable Straps
  • Printed Frame Goggles
  • Anti – Fog Lens
  • UV Protection
  • Mirrored Lens on One Pair
  • All Day Comfort

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Costco Speedo Adult Goggles, 3-Pack

Costco sells a similar product online. The item they sell is “Speedo Adult Unisex Goggles, 3-pack” & sells under Item Number: 1382715. It seems to be similar to this pair with subtle differences. The reviews are pretty good with a 4.4/5 & over 130 reviews. They sell for $19.99 online with a $5 off coupon currently. They also sell the “Speedo Junior Goggles” (Item Number: 1382717) & the “Speedo Kids Goggles” (Item Number: 1382739) online & I DID NOT see those in store. If you are interested, I recommend checking your local store to see which version they sell. If you’d like to just get them delivered make sure to check out these other sets of HIGHLY RATED goggles online…….

Price: $15.99, Item Number: 1426325

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