Costco Tie Down Straps, CAT Ratchet 4 Piece Set

Costco sells these CAT Tie Down Straps for $21.99. Scroll down for photos. These straps are great to have around. If you have a truck or do any sort of moving, these make life much easier than using rope. You can also get a much tighter hold than standard rope & not do as much damage. Because the thickness of the strap is 1.5″, you have a much larger surface area to work with. Even if you don’t have a truck these are convenient to have in your car. You never know when you might need a pair of ratchet straps to hold something down. I found this in the middle aisle away from the tools, so it might be a newer item. Costco doesn’t have a HUGE selection of tools, so make sure to buy it if you think you might want it. Here are a few more details about these Costco Tie Down Straps…….

  • 4 x 16′ x 1.5″ Ratchet Straps
  • Working Capacity: 1,100 Pounds
  • Break Strength: 3,300 Pounds
  • Adjustable Length
  • Thermal Rubber Grips
  • Double Hooks Tie Down

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Costco CAT Ratchet Tie Downs, 4 Piece Set

If you’ve ever had to move you’ve probably used a set like these. You end up buying or renting the overpriced tie down ratchet straps at the rental center. For just $22 you can have your own that will be totally worth it if they get used just once. If you do a simple google search you can find MANY different ways to use these too. They’re just great to have around. If you can’t find them at Costco or want to check out different sized and brands, make sure to check out these HIGHLY RATED ratchet tie down straps on Amazon……

Price: $21.99, Item Number: 997973

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