Costco Heat Dish, Presto Parabolic Heater

Costco sells the Presto Heat Dish for $69.99. Scroll down for photos. This is an item that goes on sale a few times a year so if you can wait, you can get an even better deal. These heat dishes are wonderful & have great reviews! Costco has a display set up during the winter. Every time I walk down the middle aisle, the display is blowing hot air from surprisingly far away. For a heater that doesn’t have a fan, it really can put out the heat from a distance. We frequently use it when we don’t want to heat the entire house & just feel like warming up a room. For small to medium size rooms, this will raise the temperature quickly. Best of all, they’re quiet because of the parabolic reflector (fanless) design. You can also focus the heat directly at yourself. Here are a few more details about this Costco Heat Dish……

  • Presto Electric Heat Dish, Parabolic Heater
  • Direct & Instant Heat
  • Thermostatic Control
  • 120 Volts AC, 1,000 Watts
  • Tip Over Protection with Audible Alarm
  • Built in Cord Wrap (convenient for summer storage)

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Costco Presto Heat Dish Plus Parabolic Heater

These heaters are really convenient. They store easily in summer & don’t have any moving part to break. They provide instant heat & can be easily moved around. If you’re working from home, these would be great in an office when you don’t feel like heating the whole house. They have several safety features built in so you don’t have to worry too much about fire hazards. Currently they are not sold on, so you can only find it in store. If you can’t find it in store, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED space heaters on Amazon…..

Price: $69.99, Item Number: 1327704

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14 thoughts on “Costco Heat Dish, Presto Parabolic Heater

    1. With the reflector dish, they are meant to beam the heat at an area instead of heating the whole room. If you are outside that beamed area, you would usually not feel the warmth, so it is best to be in front of the beam.

    2. This works well in a small to medium sized room. If you have it in a large family room, it might take the chill out of the air, but probably won’t heat it up too much. These can also be used outside, so it depends on what your goal is. Either way they are great to have around. Hope that helps

    1. Costco only sells them sporadically on the website. They do that with most items. Sometimes they will just pop up for sale & without warning they are gone. If you are unable to find this at your local Costco I can only recommend checking a few of the links above for other space heaters. Good luck & I hope you find one

  1. They are out in Kalispell MT and say they aren’t getting them back. Amazon has them for 3 times the price. Good old Amazon.

    1. Ya. That’s how Amazon works. It’s definitely convenient to have something shipped to your door, but Costco is almost always the best deal out there. Sorry to hear they are all out. Hopefully you found an alternative during this cold spell we’ve been hit with.

    1. Yes. They are still available at Costco. I saw them today. They are usually in stock for the next couple of months. Hope you find one

  2. I am looking to purchase a Presto HeatDish right now. I am unable to find one on the Costco website. Can someone please help me and let me know if Costco still has these heat dishes available?

    1. I saw them yesterday at my local Costco. These are a fairly common item in the winter so I expect them to continue to have these in stock. Costco never alerts you when they will take something offline. It’s frustrating sometimes. You can also check out a few of the heat dishes linked above. Let me know if you end up finding it at Costco.

      1. I’m pretty sure most people would prefer to get their Heat Dish from Costco. It comes with a warranty. Try Craigslist if you’re looking to sell your Presto Heat Dish. Good luck!

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