Keto Bread at Costco, Franz Zero Net Carb 2 Pack

You can buy the Franz Keto Bread at Costco for $8.59. Scroll down for photos. This is a newer item at my Costco. I know this because they were selling the Artisan Bakers Keto Bread just a month ago. I haven’t seen the Artisan Bakers brand in a few weeks & now they have the Franz Keto Bread. We decided to give this a shot because we purchased the Franz Gluten Free Bread & thought it was tasty for being gluten free. Our family is not gluten free or on Keto Diets. We just like to try all new health products because we usually end up finding products we like. You could tell it was a “Keto Bread”. It almost tasted a little chalky, but I didn’t mind. Slap some peanut butter or avocado on it & you’re good to go. Here are a few more details about this keto bread from Costco……..

  • Franz Keto Zero Net Carb Bread – 2 Pack 18 Ounces Each
  • 12 Grams of Carbohydrates
  • 12 Grams of Fiber
  • 40 Calories Per Servings
  • 4 Grams of Protein

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Franz Keto Zero Net Carb Bread

We will probably only try this bread once, but only because we enjoy the Organic Artisan Bakers Super Seed Bread so much! If we were on the Keto Diet we would absolutely buy this again. I’m sure there are great recipes out there to make a really tasty gluten free bread. I just don’t have the time which is why I love that Costco gets on board with all the new health products. They are carrying a variety of Keto friendly & gluten free items now. For everyone starting their new years diet, make sure to check out this Franz Keto bread. If you’re looking for some other HIGHLY RATED Keto snacks, make sure to check these out…..

Price: $8.59, Item Number: 1403314

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4 thoughts on “Keto Bread at Costco, Franz Zero Net Carb 2 Pack

  1. This drawback of this bread is the fully hydrogenated soybean oil in the ingredients. It’s trans fat that bad for your health and everyone should avoid. They shouldn’t just cheap out using fully hydrogenated soybean oil when making a keto bread.

    1. Interesting Rebecca. I’ll have to look into that a bit more. Have you tried the Artisan Bakers Keto Bread? I’d be curious your thoughts on that.

    1. Glad to hear. Did you have any issues with the bread falling apart? I’ll have to give the French Toast a try.

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