Costco Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whiskey

Johnnie Walker Blue Label at Costco! If you’re a fan of scotch or whiskey than you’ve probably heard of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It is a high end Scotch that is distilled & bottled in Scotland. I’ve only ever had this a few times in my life & each time it was noticeably smooth with plenty of flavor. I’m not much of a drinker, so take that with a grain of salt; plus it’s a fairly expensive bottle @ $159.99 so it’s not in my price range. I have seen this go on sale a few times a year, so if you’re a regular drinker of this scotch, then it’d be best to wait for a sale & load up on a few bottles at a time. Here are a few more details about Johnnie Walker Blue Label from Costco……….

  • 750 mL bottle
  • 40% alcohol by volume
  • Each bottle has a unique serial number (see photo)
  • Merchandise pickup item at Costco. You need to bring the empty box to the cashier. Makes sense because of the price
  • Flavor of a traditional 19th century blend with traces of smoke, honey and spice on the silky finish

Johnnie Walker Blue Label at Costco

I think it’s really unique that each bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label has a serial number attached to it. You can google about the serial numbers and see there are some rare numbers to look out for. It sounds like some of the older serial numbers are highly sought after, depending on when the Blue Label was bottled. Pretty interesting! On the back of the box they mention the experienced Master Blenders handpick just 1 in 10,000 casks of the rarest whiskies to craft Johnnie Walker Blue Label. This only adds to the popularity of this Scotch, as well as the fact it’s been around since 1867.

Now if you’re going to enjoy the Johnnie Walker Blue Label from Costco, you can’t be drinking this stuff out of a red cup. Please check out these premium whiskey glasses from Amazon as well as the large square or large circle ice cube trays for whiskey & cocktails………

Price: $159.99, Item Number: 64846

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