Magformers Costco, 60 Piece Magnetic Construction Set

Costco sells this 60 Piece Magformers Set for $37.99. Scroll down for photos. If you’ve never seen these Magformer’s sets, just know that they are awesome! This is a great way for your child to learn geometric shapes as well as work on their hand / eye coordination. My nephews had a ton of these and they definitely got used all the time. We’re in an age, where “screen time” is always a battle. This is a great alternative that is educational & allows your child to be creative at the same time. Last year Costco sold a 41 Piece Magformers Set, for $29.99. This is a 60 piece set that is only $37.99, which is a better deal per piece. The best part is, the sets are all compatible. Anyways, here is a little more info about this Magformers Set at Costco……..

  • Brand: Magformers
  • 60 Piece Construction Set
  • 9 Geometric Shapes
  • Learn Shapes & Colors
  • Build 3D Structures
  • Ages: 3+ Years
  • Compatible with other Magformer Set

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Costco Magformers 60 Piece Magnetic Construction Set

Costco has only sold these during the holidays for the last couple of years. These sold out fairly quickly last year, so keep that in mind when shopping. I think these would make for a great gift for any child from ages 2 up to 10. Our 2 year old loves to “help dad” fix stuff around the house, so he will be getting this for Christmas. I found these in the middle aisle of Costco, where all the holiday toys are located. does not currently sell this online so as of now, it’s an in-store only item. The reviews on all websites for the Magformers products are amazing too! If you can’t find these at Costco or want to check out some other HIGHLY RATED sets, make sure to check these out…….

Price: $37.99, Item Number: 1543732

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4 thoughts on “Magformers Costco, 60 Piece Magnetic Construction Set

    1. Ya! I saw them on sale at my Costco too! Thanks for the tip. I bought 2 of these for gifts in 2021 so I paid full price. They’re great so I’m still happy with the purchase but it kind of stings to see it on sale at a later date. Oh well

      1. I’m not sure what the window is, but if you purchase something prior to a sale, you can go to customer service and ask for the discount to be refunded. I think that as long as the item is in its return window, you are eligible to receive the discount. I have done this once when I purchased something a week prior to it going on sale, and they refunded me the difference no questions asked.

        1. Yes. Great point. I’ve done that before. Funny you commented on this because I just saw a NEW Magformers set at Costco the other day. Completely different from this one so we will probably be getting that for our kid. He still loves them!

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