Costco Nativity Set 2021, Kirkland Signature Scene

**NEW 2022 Costco Nativity Set, Kirkland Signature Scene**

Costco sells this Kirkland Signature Nativity Set for $94.99! Scroll down for photos. This is the 2021 nativity set you have all been waiting for. If you check 2020’s (last year) Nativity Set, you can see how popular this was in the comments. They sold out of these early in the holiday season & never re-stocked at my Costco’s. This is a hand painted 13 piece set, that is one of the best deals around. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal for the size and quantity of this scene. Take a look at last years photos & you can see that this is a newly designed set. The box is the nearly the same, but the 13 piece’s are all different. Here are a few more details about this Costco Kirkland Signature 2021 Nativity Set……

  • Brand: Kirkland Signature Nativity Scene Set
  • 13 Piece Set
  • Hand-crafted & Hand-painted
  • Ornate Patterns & Jewel Tones
  • Heights Range from 1.2″ to 18.7″
  • Suitable For Decorative Indoor Use Only
  • Includes: Manger, Cradle, Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Angel, 3 Wise Men, Shepherd Boy w/Lamb, Ox, Donkey, Camel
  • Weight: 22.66 lbs.

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Kirkland Signature Nativity Set, 13-Piece

If you’re even thinking about buying this, make sure to get it now. I wouldn’t be surprised if these start to sell out by November. Last year in early December they were already sold out of many Costco’s, so consider yourself warned. They currently sell this on for $99.99. That’s only $5 more for shipping and handling which is not bad at all considering it weighs almost 23 pounds. The price last year was $89.99. It’s only been raised $5 which is not bad considering the price increase of most products. If you want to check out some other HIGHLY RATED nativity scenes, make sure to look at these……

Price: $94.99, Item Number: 1492488

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31 thoughts on “Costco Nativity Set 2021, Kirkland Signature Scene

  1. Does anyone have a picture of the inside of the box with the figures placed in the styrofoam. I am having trouble packing the figures back in.

    1. Hi there ! Did you get your picture ? I was looking for the same thing.. I’m trying to pack away the scene and having a issue with the ox. Greatly appreciated if you can help.

      1. I am having trouble with the ox, as well! Did you figure out how it fits? My husband took it out of the box an doesn’t remember how the ox goes back in.

  2. I am looking one of the nativity.I am from Edmonton, Canada. Let me know please if any of ur stores have them. Thanks

    1. Sorry! These are hard to find once December rolls around. They hit the shelves in October and are usually easy to find in November. They are mostly sold out by early December. It would be almost impossible to find these in late December, especially after Christmas. Probably have to wait until next year. Sorry about that

  3. I just bought this set and love it
    At the time there were two and now I need a second set but no more left
    Can I order another one

    1. Sorry these are obviously seasonal. They usually go for sale around late October and are sold out by late November. It happens almost every year and people are always looking for them in December. This is in the Northern California Costco’s. You’re only option is to wait until next year or find them on eBay / Amazon. Sorry and good luck

    1. These are sold in Costco starting late October, early November. You need to buy them early before they sell out. These are VERY popular

    2. I purchased mine in Torrance, CA in early December. I saw the set one day but when I returned the next day, they were sold out. Thankfully, the store manager looked in the computer and found 14 in the Torrance Costco. By the time I arrived there, only 6 remained. I am so pleased with the detail and craftsmanship of this beautiful set! If you don’t want to wait until next year, Etsy and EBay are also selling them for double the price.

      1. Good! glad you got your hands on a set. These are popular EVERY single year & always sell out. I always get people asking about them, but it’s usually too late. If it wasn’t so expensive I would buy extra’s and ship them to people who really want them and don’t want to resell. That’s the market though, so not much that can be done. Thanks for the info

  4. Love the 2020 Kirkland nativity set, however,wondering if I can order 2 x the free standing camel from the 2021 set to compliment my 2020 set

    1. I’m going to say “no” to this. The only way you would be able to get those is probably on eBay if someone happens to be selling them. Or if you find something you like on Amazon. These are sets specifically made for Costco & they do not sell the pieces individually.

  5. Disculpen yo compré este mismo en otro lugar y me costó $300 el mismo me estafaron ud me pueden ayudar si todavía hay en algún costo aqui en New York..gracias

    1. If I understand correctly, it sounds like you were up-charged for these? Some people buy them from Costco and sell them on Amazon or Craig’s List for a profit. Sorry to hear about that, but this tends to happen with popular Costco products. This is a popular product every year that sells out. I haven’t seen them on the shelves in a few weeks. Where did you buy your nativity set?

    1. They have already arrived at Costco. If you did not get one yet, I’m not sure they will re-stock these. I have seen the display’s still around, but no nativity sets. I’ll keep this post updated if I see anymore

    1. Estos son MUY populares todos los años. Creo que también están todas agotadas en la tienda. Estaré atento y te haré saber si encuentro alguno. Espero que ayude. Gracias por el comentario

      These are VERY popular every year. I think they are all sold out in store too. I will keep my eye out & let you know if I find any. Hope that helps. Thanks for the comment

    1. It’s already out Doris! I’ve seen this set at 4 different Costco’s right now! Get there sooner than later cause they’ll be gone. Keep me updated & let me know if you find one! Good luck!

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