Costco 9 Foot Christmas Tree, Micro Dot Pre-Lit Tree

If you’re ceiling is too tall for the 7.5′ Pre-Lit Tree Artificial Christmas Tree, then make sure to grab the 9 foot Costco artificial Christmas Tree. This one is made by Micro Dot & comes with 2700 LED Christmas lights. That is almost 4 times as many lights as the 7.5′ artificial tree. Even though it’s only 1.5 feet taller, this tree is SIGNIFICANTLY bigger & if you have the room for it, I’m sure it will look great. The only problem is, it is quite expensive. It’s sold at Costco for $569.99. If you’re trying to weigh the cost savings, just know that a REAL 9 feet tree will be quite expensive, so this tree should pay for itself in 2-3 seasons. Here are a few more details about this Costco Christmas tree……..

  • Indoor use only
  • 2700 micro LED lights
  • EZ Connect technology
  • On/Of pedal with 5 effects: Clear Steady, Clear Fading, Multi-Color Steady, Multi-Color Fading & Clear/Multi-Color Fading
  • 13 brightness levels
  • Flame Resistant

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Costco 9 Foot Artificial Christmas Tree

As mentioned in my previous post about the 7.5 artificial tree, we love our tree. The EZ connect technology is so simple & easy to setup. It takes me 10-15 minutes to have the tree up and ready for ornaments. We love the LED lights pre-installed & we get to spend our time decorating with ornaments. If you do buy this tree, than I HIGHLY recommend a few accessories to go with. We absolutely love our Christmas tree storage bag & an upgrade on the Christmas Tree Skirt. Check out the links here………

Price: $569.99, Item Number: 2006009

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27 thoughts on “Costco 9 Foot Christmas Tree, Micro Dot Pre-Lit Tree

  1. We have the 9 foot tree some sections of lights up to 6 or 7 bulbs do not light or some blink on and off can you get replacement bulbs? If so where?

  2. I purchased the 12′ Pre-Lit Radiant Micro LED Artificial Christmas Tree. The very top section lights are not working. The rest of the lights in the top section as well as all of the other sections are working. Please advise.

    1. Did you double check if the top section is seated properly. I have had this happen before & the section wasn’t seated properly. Take that section off and double check that the pins are not corroded or dirty. Make sure they are clean & properly aligned. Let me know if that ends up working

      1. Thank you for the response. The “top section” has working lights (the bottom half). The top half of the “top section” lights are not working. The pins are clean/new. Is it possible to have just half of the section lights working and the other half not working with a properly seated section?

        1. If you have a multimeter, you can start by checking to see where the voltage drops off. I know on my tree, that if I pull one of the bulbs out, a section of lights goes out. Start by checking to see if all the bulbs are properly seated. Somewhere along the line that section is not getting voltage. If you have someone handy with a multimeter, that would be your best bet. It’s worth fixing, because these trees are expensive. Ours is going on 5 years & it’s starting to wear a little bit with bulbs going out and the branches getting flimsy. Good luck & let me know if you find the issue

      2. I did. It was seated properly and there was no corrosion or dirt as it is new. If an entire section is not lighting up then your advice may work. I stated that within a particular section, the top section, only part of the lights didn’t work. After carefully examining the section as well as the other sections, i noticed that there are connections. These connections are from the lights to the power source. There are many throughout in each section. I noticed that in the top section where only some of the lights worked, there were 5 connections and one of them had been separated. I found both ends and reconnected them which worked in lighting up the part of the top section that didn’t work.

        In a brand new tree, seating the sections properly is a valid troubleshooting point but to check to see if the “pins” are corroded or dirty in a brand new, just purchased tree from costco is concerning. My advice is that should there be an issue with some of the lights not working within a particular section and not the entire section, tell them to check within in the tree as there are connections that may have separated.

        1. Thanks Sy. That is VERY helpful & hopefully will prevent a few people from returning the tree. That can be a hassle since it is so big. Thanks for taking the time to respond

  3. I purchased a pre-lit tree from Costco a few years ago, by the same exporter, Unfortunately my tree does not have the 13 brightness levels settings and I find the lights uncomfortably bright. I have been looking everywhere for a 29VLED inline controller that also has the brightness settings (same as is pictured on your tree box) is hilarious, it has exactly 2 spare Christmas tree parts on its website, (the supply chain problem must be ready to put them out of business?lol)
    Any idea where I might source a controller like the one in your picture? I have even tried Alibaba…

    1. I don’t know where you can get an inline dimmer like the one you have but you may be able to work with an LED Dimmer like this. I’ve used these in the past with success. Like your tree, my tree does not have a dimming function either. It just has white / colored option. I’ll pull out my dimmer to see if it will work on my tree and get back to you

      1. Hey Costco Fan,
        Thanks for taking the time to reply.
        Let me know if your dimmer works or not, when you get he chance.

        (my christmas is so bright I gotta wear shades! )

        1. So I tried this Lutron Credenza Plug-In Dimmer for Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs (click here) & it DID NOT work. The lights buzzed as soon as I started to dim & then went off. I knew it would be unsuccessful because my tree lights are LED and this is for incandescent & halogen. I have used this for incandescent bulbs and it works great. Lutron makes a similar product for LED’s that I have not tried, but is worth a shot. It is the Lutron Credenza LED+ Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Switch for dimmable LED, Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs | TTCL-100H-BL | Black (click here). It has good ratings. You could always give that a try & if it doesn’t work out, return it to Amazon. I don’t need to dim my tree lights, but if I did it’s definitely worth trying. Hope that helps a little bit

      2. Thanks for the effort and letting me know.
        Maybe I’ll just buy an new pair of sunglasses, I would get year round use out of them at least,

  4. I have entire light sections that no longer burn. I thought the Constant On feature ensures only the bad bulb would be out?

    1. Any chance the sections of the tree aren’t making proper contact with each other? Which section of the tree is it? Do you have a multimeter or non-contact voltage tester to do some troubleshooting? Let me know if you end up figuring out the issue

  5. Does anyone have any advice on how to determine when our Costco stores will receive their shipments of the Pre lit Christmas trees for 2021? I have been calling my local store every few days, but I am looking for any advice so I can snag one when they hit the stores. Thank you.

    1. I’ll try to post them as soon as I can. The Christmas items are already starting to hit the shelves, so I can’t imagine it will be much longer. Let me know if you find them before I do. Good luck. It’s best to grab stuff early this year because of delays with COVID. Good luck!

  6. What is the diameter of the 9 foot tree. I know it is a slim but I couldn’t find the diameter of it anywhere on the box.

    1. Sorry. It’s on the box, but my photo’s aren’t zoomed in enough. They label the width of the tree on the bottom of the box but it’s too blurry. Are you trying to figure out what size storage bag it will fit in. If so, I would go with the Elf Stor Heavy Duty Canvas Bag linked above. The tree’s can always fit….you may just have to play Tetris a little bit.

  7. What is the diameter of the trunk/pole? I can’t find this info anywhere, but would like to know if it will fit my rotating stand.

    1. I looked. I couldn’t find it either. I own the 7.5 foot tree & it is a fairly thin trunk. When I pull it out of the box I’ll let you know the diameter. I know that doesn’t help, but you could always measure your rotating stand & then take a measurement at Costco. Every Costco I’ve seen has 2-3 of these trees up as displays in the store. What rotating stand do you have?

      1. Thanks Pac! I appreciate that. I haven’t pulled out my tree yet. I will confirm the diameter size of my tree when I set it up this week.

  8. Have you actually been able to fit the 9 foot tree into that bag (link that you provided)? We just purchased this tree. Wondering if it would be best to get two bags to keep it light bringing up from the basement each year.

    1. I purchased the 7.5 Christmas Tree from Costco along with the Elf Stor 1565 48 Red Heavy Duty Canvas Christmas Storage Bag Large for 6 Foot Tree & it fit just fine. There is even a little room for a few small items. Based on that assumption, the Elf Stor 9 Foot bag should not be a problem at all. If you purchase it from Amazon, and it doesn’t work out, you can always return it for free. I read some of the reviews. Some people said it worked perfect, while others said it didn’t fit. They said the same thing for mine. Here’s the deal….if you don’t stack the sections properly it won’t work. I can easily see how my 7.5 foot tree would not fit in my bag (assuming it’s stacked wrong). The pieces need to fit a specific way & there’s no issue. If you’re good at Tetris, you’ll probably be able to make it work. Please let me know what you end up deciding!

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