Costco Bitty Baby, American Girl Doll & Carrier Set

Costco sells the Bitty Baby Set by American Doll for $79.99. After having a little one, I’m starting to understand the popularity of all the kids toys. Even though we have a boy, I’ve been told by many parents how popular these American Girl Doll sets are. Costco has had this in stock for a couple months now. It’s on the shelves just in time for the holidays. For those of you who don’t know, you’re kid will be dragging this doll around everywhere. Kids just seem to love them. Maybe it’s the responsibility of taking care of the doll kids like so much. Maybe the kids already know the difference between an expensive doll & a cheap doll. I have no idea, but the kids do. Either way, the child won’t be disappointed. Here are a few more details about this Costco Bitty Baby Set……

  • American Girl, Bitty Baby Doll & Carrier Set
  • 3 Models: Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes, Textured Black Hair & Brown Eyes, Dark Brown Hair & Brown Eyes
  • Contains the following: 15″ Bitty Baby Doll w/ diaper, Purple Star Shirt, Striped Pants, Travel Seat, Blanket, Body Suit, Shoes & Bottle
  • Ages: 3+ years

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American Girl Bitty Baby Doll Set at Costco

After shopping around, this is a really good deal. Most of the Bitty Baby’s comes with just the doll. This comes with the set & all the accessories to keep your child busy for hours. The nice thing is it comes with 3 different types of dolls with different hair colors & eyes. No matter what you pick I’m sure the kid will love it. If you can’t find this at Costco, make sure to check out these alternatives at Amazon. Also, you may find a different model you like better. Take a look here…….

Price: $79.99, Item Number: 2021111

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