Costco Christmas Lights, Sylvania Mini Pure White 100 Count

This will be the 3rd or 4th year in a row I will purchase a couple of these Costco Christmas Lights. Last year I believe Costco carried the GE brand Christmas lights & now they have Sylvania. Scroll for photos. We really like the simplicity of the pure white lights, plus they are easy to setup. I started with just 4-5 strands of lights, now I end up putting up almost 10 strands. It makes the house look great during the holidays & they don’t use that much electricity since they are LED’s. I’ve had no strands that died & only had to replace a few bulbs. They come with extras which is nice. They can be used both outdoor & indoor, so you can decorate your Christmas tree with them. What’s even better is you can connect up to 22 sets from 1 outlet, which is very convenient if you don’t have an outlet nearby. Here are a few more details about these Costco Christmas Lights by Sylvania………

  • Sylvania 100 Count Pure White
  • For Indoor / Outdoor use
  • Connect up to 22 sets (That’s 726 feet!)
  • 33′ Lighted Length
  • 88% Energy Savings compared to standard lights
  • Up to 25,000 hour bulb life
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Energy Star / UL Certified

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Costco Christmas Lights, Sylvania 100 Count

Take a look at the photos & you can see the samples. We really enjoy the “pure white” look for simplicity. They really do look great at night. Once get them up this year, I’ll post a photo. Like I said, I’ve had no issues with my Costco Christmas lights. I do take good care of them by storing them nicely in a plastic bin. Search YouTube for a video on how to roll them up for storage. It makes it SOOOO easy to unroll them the following year without any tangles. I also recommend getting a timer to go with. HONESTLY, it will probably save you money by purchasing a timer because it’s easy to forget to turn the lights off. Plus, who likes getting up out of bed when you actually remember you left them on. Check out the timer’s here……….

Price: $7.99, Item Number: 2006025

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