Costco Poinsettia Centerpiece, 24 Inch

It’s that time of the season. Costco has these artificial Poinsettia’s available now. Scroll for photos. These are 24 inch centerpiece’s & they are quite large. A couple of these always look great around the front door or inside the entryway. I remember as a kid, my parents always had several of these spread throughout the house for the holiday season. They say they are meant for indoor use only, but I’m sure they would work just find on a covered porch. The Costco Poinsettia seemed to be very well made. They don’t look like they will fall apart very easily, so they should last you many years. They come in what looks like a light brown wicker basket & come with the matching bow & pinecones. Here are a few more details about this Costco Poinsettia ……….

  • 24″ Artificial Lifelike Poinsettia
  • Red & Green Leaves with pinecones
  • Indoor use only
  • Can be used as a centerpiece

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Costco Poinsettia

If you don’t feel like thinking about decorations, Costco is your best bet. These poinsettia’s, as well as the Christmas Wreath or Reindeer Set, will spruce up any house. You can easily decorate your entire house, inside & outside, with 1 Costco trip. If you are looking for a different centerpiece, other than this Costco Poinsettia, make sure to check out these unique centerpieces from Amazon……..

Price: $29.99, Item Number: 2005072

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