Costco Coupon Book July 2021, Member Only Savings

** Costco Member Savings August 2021 Online Only Coupon Book**

Costco just sent out their Member-Only Coupon Book for July 2021. Scroll down for photos. Summer is only 3 days away & the heat wave is already upon us. This coupon book is geared towards summer & you may just find yourself marking down a few items to grab. The most notable item for me is the generator. I remember a few years ago during the power outages, there wasn’t a generator for sale within 100 miles of me. If you’re in an area prone to power outages, make sure to look at the Firman generator’s on sale. There are also some great BBQ items for sale that would be great for a summer gathering. With COVID-19 restrictions easing it’ll be nice to get together again. Here are a few notable items from this month’s Costco Coupon Book July 2021……

  • Page 4, New Appliances – Woulnd’t want that refrigerator dying on you in the middle of a party. LG, Samsung & Whirlpool products
  • Greebmade Storage Totes on Page 6 – These are AWESOME. We use the clear ones to store all our items in the garage. It makes for an easy time to know where we store stuff, especially Christmas items
  • Page 8 – Apple Products rarely go on sale. Great time to get a new MacBook Air or an Apple Watch
  • Page 9 – $200 off iPhone 12, 12 mini, or Pro. This is a great deal when you sign up with AT&T
  • Nutribullet Blender Combo, Item Number: 1422566, These are a step down from the Vitamix blenders but still work great for the price point
  • Firman TriFuel Generator, Item Number: 1300533, These generators have good reviews. You can see the 7500 Firman dual fuel generator I posted about before.
  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Towelettes, Item Number: 1327896. These are a staple in our household. Always good to stock up when they are on sale
  • Orgain Clean Grass-Fed and/or Plant Based Protein Shakes, Item Numbers: 1195799, 4272009. These now come in individual servings. I’m definitely grabbing these for on the go
  • Aidells Organic and/or Antibiotic-Free Chicken & Apple Sausage, Item Number: 1250599, 106173. These are the best sausages. Great summer item for the BBQ

Costco Member Savings Coupon Book July 2021, 6/23/2021 – 7/25/2021

That sums up the Costco coupons for July. Technically it starts late June & runs through most of July. If you’re waiting for any of the items to go on sale, make sure to grab them sooner than later. Costco has been selling out of a lot of summer goods, so they’ll be hard to find. Let me know if there is anything you like in the coupon book. Anyways, here are the photos as promised……

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