Costco Landscape Fabric, Dalen Pro Shield w/ 50 Staples

Costco sells this Dalen Pro Shield Landscape Fabric for $29.99. Scroll down for photos. I didn’t know Costco sold this stuff. I browse through their gardening & landscape products each year, and this is the first I’ve seen the landscape fabric. This would have been useful about 6 months ago when I redid my front yard =). The stuff I purchased was polypropylene based & had more of a plastic / tarp type feel to it. It works great, but the only issue I had is the little slivers of plastic get everywhere & show on some of the edges. It can be tough to work with. This stuff is a woven fabric / cloth that is much easier to work with & lays down easier. Plus it comes with staples! Here are a few more details about this Costco Landscape Fabric……..

  • Brand: Dalen Pro Shield
  • 4 x 220 Feet = 880 Square Feet
  • Heavy Duty Fabric
  • Staples Included
  • Retains Moisture
  • Weed Barrier / Erosion Control
  • Home or Commercial Use
  • Chemical Free Weed Control

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Costco Dalen Pro Shield Landscape Fabric w/ 50 Staples

The old landscape fabric I pulled up was a cloth type like this one. It worked well because it kept most of the weeds down. So far the polypropylene stuff is working great. It was a pain to work with, but I don’t have any weeds except for the sides. You’re bound to get some weeds no matter what material you choose, so keep that in mind. If I had to do it over again I would use this Dalen Pro Shield Fabric, because of ease of use & price. It’s the best price you’ll find, plus it comes with 50 staples. Costco currently sells this online in a 2 pack for about the same square footage. It’s 2 smaller rolls for $36.99 WITHOUT staples. Get this in store if you can. If you want to read up on the HIGHLY RATED materials I used, check them out here…….

Price: $29.99, Item Number: 9339

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