Costco Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike

Costco sells this Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike for $349.99. Scroll down for photos. I’ve been closely monitoring the Costco outdoor items & this product JUST hit the shelves. I’m starting to look at bikes because my kid is 2.5 years old & he’ll be ready to get off of his strider bike soon. I’m going to want something to ride around the block with him & I’m not looking for a bike that costs thousands of dollars. I also don’t want a bike that is the bottom of the barrel. I think this bike will fit the bill perfectly. It’s $349 & it’s made by Northrock & comes with name brand Shimano shifters. It’s probably the best bang for your buck in this price range. My choice is between this or the Costco Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike that people loved. Here are a few more details about this Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike……..

  • Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike
  • All Aluminum Frame
  • Shimano Altus 21 Speed
  • Maxxis Ikon Tires
  • Shimano EF-500 Shifters
  • Tektro Mechanical Brakes
  • 95% Assembled. Tools Included

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Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike Costco

So there are not a whole lot of reviews to be found online. The few I could find, were on Amazon. Click here to read them. At the time of this post there were only 4 reviews & all 4 people gave it a 5 star rating! So that is good news. The nice thing about this, like any other product, is if you don’t like it you can always return it. I also checked out the Northrock website & they don’t sell the XC27, they sell the XC29. I am going to assume there are slight differences, because Costco usually does that with items. They will tweak a few features to get the price down. It’s probably VERY similar to the XC29 though. If you can’t find this at Costco or want to compare some HIGHLY RATED mountain bikes, make sure to check these out………

Price: $349.99, Item Number: 1275785

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102 thoughts on “Costco Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike

    1. Nice! Score! I can’t believe you found these bikes still in stock. These were sold out all over the Bay Area in Northern California. They have been wildly popular, as you can see from a lot of the comments. Glad you got your hands on one. Please come back and let us know how you like it

  1. Just picked one up yesterday and the installation was super simple. I didn’t even need the instructions. Very lightweight and quiet when I ride it. I’m super happy with it so far. There was a whole pallet of them at the Costco in Avon Ohio.

    1. Awesome Vince! Glad to hear you got your hands on 1. That’s funny your Costco has a whole pallet of them. They’ve been out of stock here in Northern California for a couple months now. I’ve visited about 6 different Costco’s too. This is a really popular bike in our area. Come back and give us an update when you can. Thanks for stopping by

    2. anyone able to find these still? I’m looking for one but can’t find any on costco’s site but i will be going to a store to find one soon.

      1. I have not seen this in stores for at least a month now. I don’t think we will be seeing them until spring / early summer next year. Hopefully they will bring back the Northrock because it is a popular brand. Good luck!

  2. I bought the Northrock XC27 9 years ago for riding to & from the beach in Miami and riding for exercise along Miami Beach. The bike has enamel painted spokes and they’re still in good shape. The spokes on previous bikes all started rusting within a year after purchase. Adding the trigger shifters, front and rear disc brakes and more quality features, this is the best bike I’ve ever owned.

    1. Hi Paul! Glad the Northrock has worked out well for you. I feel like that would be a tougher climate too being next to the saltwater. Thanks for some of the tips on adding to the bikes features. Glad it’s been a good bike for you!

  3. Picked up one of these at the Carson City, NV Costco in early August and just got around to pulling it out of the box and putting it together.

    I had no idea what the frame size was and just figured it being costco and it came in one size they were probably medium – and I was right.

    The bike is on the small side for me at 6’1″, but it works with the seat raised and this isn’t going to be a bike that I bomb down single track on – but you could if you don’t mind the hard tail.

    The frame with the low angle top tube can fit people from 5’6″ to 6′ ideally.

    Assembly was incredibly easy and I had to do no tuning of the derailers or gears – just a slight adjustment of the handle bars and the front brake and it was good to go.

    For the money you can’t go wrong. If you’re picky and looking for that perfect bike – then you’ll be looking at paying 3x.

    Comes with a kick stand which is great for what I will use this bike for. Of course you can remove it if you want to lose the weight. Speaking of weight – the front end did feel a bit heavy, but hey – I’m happy – it’s a keeper.

      1. Maxxis lists the Max PSI @ 60 PSI. I know people tend to go higher on the back than front. It also depends on your weight and how you will be using your bike. Mountain Bike Tires are generally 25 – 35, but it all depends on you. I would say, try different pressures until you find what you like

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful and realistic response Steve! I feel like some people expect to get a $1,000 bike for $349. It’s obviously going to be missing some features and certain parts will be cheaped out on. None the less it is a quality bike that most people really like. Glad you like yours and it fits you comfortably. Please come back and give an update after a while. Thanks!

      1. That’s a tough question to answer because I’m not sure how your daughter will like the bike. It’s a great all around bike. I went to a school on a biking campus & as long as my tires weren’t flat I was happy. This bike would have been a MAJOR upgrade from the one I was riding around. As long as she fits the bike well, I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. Let me know what you end up deciding.

      2. In college, students usually walk with other students to class or other places. So unless your daughter is a cyclist that would rather get around in a bicycle or go explore places off campus, then I am not sure what the likelyhood of her using it much. If she lives far off campus and don’t have a car, then a bike could prove useful. Maybe now they all use electric scooters like I see millennials zipping around in. Plus, there is the question of space taken up by a bicycle in a dorm room. Of course, that is all relative. When I was in school, I had 3 bikes and my roommate had 1, all packed in our tiny dorm along with my giant stereo system. We had to take out the bed frames in our bunk beds and using that as extra living/storage space.

        1. Thanks T-Bone. It does depends on what school she goes to. I know UC Santa Barbara is a big biking campus, so almost everyone has a bike. If it’s a school like that, this may be useful. You are right though, it just depends on how much she will use it. Thanks for chiming in.

  4. 8/11/21-picked up the last one on the pallet last night. Watch you tube videos on installation, makes it so much easier to assemble.

    First impressions, light weight, smooth cruising, no issues with shifting or brakes. Comfortable ride.

        1. Thanks for the reply Pat. It’s good to know where people can find them in case they’re local. Awesome

      1. Ya, most Costco’s seem to be out of stock now. Not sure if they will be getting any more in since summer is almost up. Fingers crossed

    1. Awesome Patrick! Gotta feel god to get the last one too! The videos are usualyl so much more helpful than the manual. Glad you had some good first impressions. Please come back to let me know how you like it after a few months. Thanks!

  5. Dangit…… was at the Issaquah, WA store (HQ) this evening and saw four XC27’s lying on the pallet. So tempted to grab one. I have the black Boss Hybrid still in the box from last year when the Pandemic broke out and couldn’t find ANYTHING in WA State.

    IMO, the XC is a better choice over the Infinity Boss based on various spec’s. PLUS, the price difference over the Hybrid Boss (approximately $110) makes this a really good buy. Converting the XC to a more hybrid setup (tires, seat, stem, etc) will not be difficult or too expensive.

    Hopefully, when I return to Costco in the morning, the XC will still be available. It was near closing time, but you can NEVER trust Costco’s stock. Especially at the store across from Costco’s Corporate Campus (haha). I try to avoid that store, but you can find some awesome stuff there on occasion.

    BTW: I thought the XC display model looked a little small. IIRC, there was a statement printed on the box mentioning the bike would fit a person up to 6 feet tall.

    1. **UPDATE**
      UNBELIEVABLE…I returned to the Issaquah Costco at approximately 11am the next morning and ALL THE BOXED UNITS WERE GONE! Again, when I left the store at closing time the night before, there were at least four XC27 bikes lying on the pallet.

      I found the display floor unit sitting back in the Liquor department. The bike was missing a couple parts, various scratches and no box/components. An associate checked every store in Washington State through the inventory system. A couple stores had display units, but not a single unopened boxed unit was available in the entire State.

      I decided to grab the display bike and asked if there would be any small discounts applied. The Costco associate refused to sell the display bike because it was listed as “active”. A manager was called over and agreed to sell the bike, but ONLY AT FULL PRICE (haha).

      I decided to pay the full price, even after being informed the Northbrook XC27 is still an active inventory item, with future distribution likely (not guaranteed). I will likely not ride it for a couple weeks or longer. If a new shipment arrives soon, I’ll return the display unit and purchase a new one. Lesson learned AGAIN at Costco.

      1. Good to know! That’s a smart move, because you can always return the bike if you end up finding a new one! Either way you have a bike. Is it missing anything? Do you think it will fit you? Make sure to come back and keep us updated on what happens with the bike

      2. My daughter just bought one today at Costco. 9\18\2021 There were three others besides the one she bought. This was at the Michigan Northville store.

        1. Awesome! Let us know how she likes it Joseph. I’m surprised you still had 3 left. I haven’t seen them on the shelves at my Costco for at least a month now. They seem to be making room for the holiday items

    2. Did you end up getting one? With 4 in stock you may be in luck. This bike has been really popular this year & I never saw them in stock for more than a couple days at a time. I think it depends on what you are looking for because it’s apples and oranges to compare the Northrock XC27 with the Infinity Boss Three Hybrid. Either way, I hope you ended up with what you were looking for. Let me know

  6. My son is 6 feet 4, I am wondering if Costco Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike fits with his height or not. Please advise. THank you.

    1. I think it would be fine. It depends on how long your son’s legs are. I am 6’5 and this bike was fine for me in store. I am not a professional mountain biker though so keep that in mind. This is a great price point for people looking at bikes who don’ know exactly what they want. You can get REALLY technical when it comes to purchasing a bike, but if he just wants something to get around town or casually ride, this is a GREAT starter. Let me know if you end up buying it & how it works out.

  7. I’m a huge fan of Northrock. We have the XC00 (fat tire), the XC27 (27.5), the SC7 (comfort bike) and the children XJ24. If you see a Northrock buy it fast, they are hard to find and they sell out fast. The quality and ride is amazing, and they are light frames. Assembly was really easy and Northrock site and support is always helpful. My wife rides the SC7, we considered the Infinity Boss, but felt the parts on the Infinity were much cheaper, it had no fork suspension and was low speeds. Compared to the SC7 for a few dollars more has 21 speeds, and top shimano parts. May depend on your preference, but it was an easy decision for us. My wife rides tons and attached the baby carrier, the frames has mounts. I hope this helps fellow Costco Members.

    1. Thanks Browny! Glad to hear from people with good experiences from Northrock! As soon as I saw these bikes in stock they were gone! Summer is coming to a close & I’m not sure we will be seeing any more of these bikes. My son turns 3 this year so I will absolutely buy one next year. Hopefully Northrock keeps pumping out the mountain bikes for Costco, because I’ll snap 1 up (maybe 2) as soon as they do. Glad you and your wife enjoy the bikes. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Not that difficult to assemble. It comes 95% assembled for you & you only need a couple of basic tools. It shouldn’t take you any more than 10-15 minutes. Maybe 30 if you read the directions thoroughly

      1. Awesome! Thanks for the link Alex. I knew it was out there I just hadn’t got around to it. Appreciate it

  8. I bought one in WA state and my chain seems to slip off when shifting from the 2nd to 3rd front gears. Is this normal or should I be considering a return?


    1. It probably just needs a tune up. You can either do it yourself or take it in. There are plenty of videos on how to do a basic tune up of a bike. This Costco Northrock xc27 Mountain Bike has some great reviews so I would be hesitant to return since they sell out so fast. Up to you though. Let me know how it works out

    1. These bikes seem to have some great reviews. I did not purchase one this year. I will be purchasing mine next year. My kid is only 2 1/2. As soon as he gets on a bike, I will be riding a bike. If you read the reviews below, you can see several people have some positive things to say. If you purchase them, please come back and let me know how you like them

  9. OK!! I’m sold! I just saw it @ my local Costco today along with the other Hybrid mentioned! I was thinking about getting a new bike. Now I believe I’ll pull the trigger tomorrow & get it!!
    Oh & I’ll make sure the quick releases are both tight!! 😛

    1. Did you end up getting it Dave D? If so, let me know how you like it. My kid isn’t quite there yet so I haven’t pulled the trigger. This would be my first choice & the Infinity Boss Three Hybrid would be my 2nd. Hopefully you were able to snag one!

  10. Are they still available in AZ? I tried searching them in 2 Costco’s near by.. didn’t find them…
    Pointer pls?

    1. I’m not sure about AZ, but I saw them in stock in CA the last 3 days. Hopefully that helps. They must be getting new shipments in so keep your eyes peeled. Good luck!

        1. Not sure if it will be re-stocked. I saw these all over the Bay Area in Northern California. They were sold pretty quick though. I’ll keep my eye out if I see any, but summer is ending, so I’m not sure if they’ll be re-stocked. Good luck

    1. You might find it a little bit big for you. It really comes down to your comfort. I was at Costco today & they had a display out. You could easily sit on it & see how you feel on the bike. Without knowing you’re full dimensions it’s really hard to tell. You may have long / short legs so you gotta find what works for you. I’d give it a shot for the price & return policy

  11. Someone asked about raising the handlebars on the Northrock xc27. Ours that we just purchased at Costco has a tag on them that says handlebars cannot be raised or lowered.

    1. On a threadless stem, you can lower the handlebar a bit by flipping the stem upside down. To raise the stem, you can buy a stem that has an adjustable angle, or buy an stem extender.

    2. Thanks Dayna. Sounds like there is a way to raise and lower them if you check out t-bone’s comment. A quick Amazon search should get you some handlebar extenders. Let me know how it works out

      1. Anyway, if you have to raise the stem, you are not looking for a mountain bike, you are less serious about biking and should get something like the Infinity Boss. Bikes like that are made for casual riders, that’s why it got the fat spongy seat and a stem that could be adjusted for angle (and it being an old-type, also adjusted for height).

        1. Good point. That’s why I think the Infinity Boss Three was so popular. Most people are just looking for the casual ride. Thanks for chiming in on this.

  12. Can the seat be changed out on the Northrock xc27? Just bought 2 at our local Phoenix store this past weekend, but the seat is extremely uncomfortable! would like to change out to a bigger padded seat.

    1. I’m sure you can. Take a look underneath to see how it is connected to the frame. You’re probably going to need a screwdriver or a set of allen wrenches, but it should be fairly straightforward. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to change the seat if you do a quick google search. Hope that helps

    2. These bikes are not really meant to be ridden leisurely around the neighborhood. A big fat seat would just get in the way of the legs when pedaling. Cycling nowdays emphasize putting the padding in the shorts, so that when you shift around on the saddle, the critical padded area moves with where you move.

      1. Thanks for the tip t-bone. You have really given a lot of useful information for the purchasing of Costco bikes. Hopefully people are able to find this post prior to purchasing a bike. Thanks again

  13. Do they sell a men’s and women’s version of this bike? My husband picked one up but it would be too big for me. I’m wondering if I should check a different store if they do sell a women’s version.

    1. I’ve only ever seen this version of the bike. I know the “Costco Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike” comes in a women’s version. I recently saw that on the display, but I’ve never seen this bike in a “women’s” version. I’ll keep my eye out for one, but I don’t think they make them. If you do find one, please let me know

  14. I just bought the Northrock XC27 from a Costco in the Portland, OR area, yesterday. Good to see these comments on the bike before I start assembling it in a few days.

    1. Glad you were able to find one Alex! I haven’t seen them in my local stores for a while now. Let me know how you end up liking it.

      1. Took me a while to get it assembled, not that it was difficult, but trying to build it w/o getting interrupted by two boys under 6…well, that’s another matter.

        The bike is working out great. Sturdy and nice build. Brakes work great, comfortable, the ride is super smooth…really no complaints. The assembly instructions are not entirely clear, but there is a QR code in the paperwork to a YouTube video that helped immensely with getting the bike assembled correctly. Took it on a light, leisurely ride around the neighborhood after getting it built. I love it so far. I’m glad that I was able to get one!

        1. Oh ya… must add 3x – 4x to the time required for any project. Glad you were able to get one and put it together relatively easy. This seems to be more popular than the Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike. Thanks for stopping by and sharing Alex!

  15. There’s a different color showing up in warehouses with a different product number. Have your warehouse look up item number 1466692.

      1. Thanks Ricky! Glad you were able to get your hands on one. Please come back & let us know how you like it

    1. I’ll have to check that out. This is the only color I have seen in person. Which other colors did they have?

  16. They are out of stock in Colorado, anyone knows when the next shipping would be? I regret not buying it when I saw it a couple of weeks back.

    1. I didn’t see them at my Costco either. They had the Infinity Boss Three Hybrid bike in stock but no the Northrock. Hopefully they will get another shipment in soon. I’ll keep this post updated if I do see them & please do the same

  17. I recently purchased a Boss Three Hybrid Bike for myself, and the female version for my wife. Very nice bikes for the money. Assembled both both. Wife’s worked great. However, neither of my tires would hold air, with immediate deflating (not a valve seem issue) – apparently due to faulty assembly with punctures to inner tubes. Big disappointment. Returned mine to Costco, but no replacement was available (they sell out quickly) – and next shipment not due in until after mid-July. Fortunately they were then selling the Northrock XC27 mountain bike, which I purchased instead of waiting for the Boss Three. The XC27’s front suspension may be easier on my bad lower back. Just hoping the threadless handlebar stem can be sufficiently adjusted upward by a bike specialist to allow me to street-ride and path-ride in a more upright position, as mountain-biking is not in the cards for me. Does anyone have any experience (or knowledge) on how high the threadless handlebar stem can be raised? Thanks!

    1. Glad you were able to score these bikes. I saw your other post about the Hybrid Boss Three bike. As far as the Northrock XC27,you should be able to adjust the handlebars by loosening the threaded stem. Almost all bikes allow you to do that. I would be shocked if this bike didn’t have that feature. As I mentioned in my other post, my kid isn’t quite ready for a bike, but I may be kicking myself for not getting this one when he is ready (probably later this year). Anyways, let me know if you end up getting the handlebars adjusted & how the bike rides. Hopefully it’s easy on your back! Thanks for stopping by

    1. The price on their website includes shipping and handling, thus the higher price. Note, it is not “free shipping” with a hidden higher price, thus you cannot try to price match from their brick and mortar.

    2. You will have a tough time price matching because they include shipping & handling in the cost of almost ALL their online products. I’ve tried something like this before & failed. I was told it was a separate division of Costco & that & your local Costco store are not exactly the same. This was years ago though. t-bone is right if you keep reading

  18. I’ve owned a Northrock XC 27 for about three years now with about 500 miles on it. I’d rate this an excellent bike for the money. Forward shocks are good, not too soft and I’m enjoying the disc brakes over my previous rim brakes. I’ve done up to 28 miles at a clip on the Northrock, frame paint job holding up nicely even with stacking on a bike rack for trips. Very happy with the purchase but have found stocking of this item at Costco very sporadic! I’d like to buy another for a family member but it is never in stock. As you said you can always return if not satisfied which is what prompted my purchase over the GT Aggressor which I was also mulling at the time.

    1. Thanks for the detailed review Paul! Did you get your original bike at Costco? You are right about the stocking. It tends to be seasonal & when I did see them, they were gone the next week. That was almost all the different brands of Costco bikes. I’m glad you got your hands on one and are enjoying it. Thanks for stopping by

  19. I am dealing with a manufacturers defect. I absolutely hate the bike. My back wheel just fell off without warning

    1. Oh no! That’s terrible. Did the manufacturer get back to you about that? Did you return it to Costco? I’m going to assume you didn’t seriously injure yourself since you left a comment, but I hope you’re OK. Sorry you had a bad experience with the bike & thanks for letting us know

    2. Its a quick release wheel. You have to fold it to the closed position. Maybe having this convenience feature was too much of a burden for the uninitiated who doesn’t know the difference between a bbq and wheel skewer.

      1. Thanks for the tip t-bone. This may be a lot of people’s starter bikes, so there’s a lot of things that may seem obvious to some & not others. Thanks for stopping by

    1. I saw this in the Bay Area, CA. I saw it at 2 of my Costco’s. I wanted to give it a test ride around the store, but that may have got me some funny looks =)

      1. Do not buy this bike there have been reports of the back tire which comes pre-assembled falling off while people ride it.

        1. Thanks Jessie. I’m going to have to add that into the post because you’re the second person that has mentioned the back wheel falling off. Seems like such a HUGE defect for the manufacturer. Thanks for letting me know

        2. Do you mean the tire beads rolling off the rim, thereby exposing the inner tube and probably causing it to explode. Or the wheel coming off, likely due to the quick release being left in the open position.

          1. Hopefully someone responds, because it may be that simple quick release which seems to cause some of the negative reviews.

          1. Thanks for the video t-bone. That’s a great link for everyone who purchased these bikes. I still haven’t seen them on the shelves since they sold out a month or so ago. Thanks for stopping by

              1. Awesome! Glad you were able to get your hands on one. Please come back and let me know how you like it. I also just saw them in stock at my Costco, so they must have gotten some shipments in

          2. I just bought two of these at Costco in Henderson NV. I started looking at hardtail mountain bikes a few weeks ago as a gift for my daughter. I did not want to spend more than ~$700. There are no bikes available! Back ordered 100 to 200 days. During our monthly trip to Costco today, right after stopping at my 2nd local bike shop, I saw these!! The front/back Shimano derailers are better then what is on the $600/700 bikes. Has disc brakes. Aluminum frame. Two mounts on frame. Only downside I saw was cables not run inside frame. But at this price, I bought 2! Definitely a value play at this price!

            1. Awesome! Glad you were able to get your hands on a couple. Thanks a lot for stopping by a leaving a review. Please come back after you’ve put them through the test & let me know how they performed. It’s pretty tough to beat for $350. Let me know how the daughter like it as well.

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