Costco Pokémon Double Pack, Brilliant Diamond + Shining Pearl

Costco sells this Nintendo Switch Pokémon Double Pack for $99.99. Scroll down for photos. If you take a look at the price, you’ll notice the asterisk! This usually means that the item will not be re-stocked or the manufacturer stopped offering this item. With the holidays closing in, this is a great gift for all you Nintendo Switch or Pokémon fans. Both of these games get GREAT reviews too! If you were to buy them separately, each game would cost you $59.99, so you’re saving around $20 when purchasing the 2-pack. The 2 pack at every other store (Best Buy, Target, GameStop) costs $119.99, so this is about almost a 20% discount to buy it at Costco. It won’t last long because of the asterisk & because Christmas is almost here! Here are a few more details about this Costco Pokémon Double Pack…….

  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Games Included: Pokémon Brilliant Diamond + Pokémon Shining Pearl
  • Rated: E
  • Category: Adventure, Role-Playing
  • Revisit the Sinnoh region from the original Pokémon™ Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version games
  • The Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl games bring new life to these remade classics with added features

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Costco Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Double Pack – Nintendo Switch

I found this on the side of Costco next to the wireless earbuds. It was an odd location, because it was not located next to the other video games & consoles. Make sure to walk around your local Costco to double check. used to sell this double pack online, but now they only sell each game individually. They go for $54.99 each, which represents about $10 more to get them online. That’s still not a bad deal considering it is $5 cheaper than most other places sell these games for. Christmas is right around the corner, so if you know any Pokémon fans, this is sure to please. If you can’t find this at Costco, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED Nintendo Switch Pokémon games…..

Price: $99.99, Item Number: 1594424

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