Costco Lifetime Resin Utility Shed

These utility sheds are fantastic! As long as you have room for these outside, they add plenty of storage space. I generally keep all my gardening tools or bulky items inside to free up the garage. This is a pretty plain looking one from Costco but it is quite large compared to mine & much cheaper than the ones I bought from Amazon. Some of the fancier ones come with windows & look like mini homes. There are a couple of popular brands that make these sheds…….Lifetime, Suncast, Rubbermaid, etc. For a no frills good deal, this is a steal at $399. I paid between $500 – $600 for my 2 sheds (scroll down) that are much smaller in square footage. Here are a few more details about this shed……

  • Steel Reinforced Walls
  • Made in the USA
  • Lockable Doors
  • Weather Resistant
  • 75″ x 42″ x 67″ (~120 square feet based on my math)

Costco Shed by Lifetime

These are generally pretty easy to assemble. My only recommendation would be DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN the plastic screws. That shouldn’t have to be said, but I managed to do it on one of the walls, so it is a little loose in that area. Since I always like to compare the products to Amazon, please check out this product which is similar in size (it’s a little bigger). It’s got great reviews…….

Price: $399, Item: 1902212

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8 thoughts on “Costco Lifetime Resin Utility Shed

  1. How big is the box that it comes in? I need to find out if it will fit in my wife’s SUV or if I need to rent a uhaul.

  2. Mine came short without the GNN bag, don’t know if get it back to costco or just go straight ti the company (lifetime)??

    1. Can I ask what the GNN bag is? I would go straight to Lifetime first. Most of these companies have no problem getting you parts as long as it’s within warranty. I’m sure if you bought it recently, Lifetime will be able to help you out. Let me know how it works out. Thanks

    1. No way! That’s such a great deal. I feel like I RARELY see return items. You must have gotten real lucky and stumbled across that one. 30% off is huge. I’m guessing it was in like new condition anyways, plus it’s a shed so it’s going outdoors no matter what. Congrats on the deal!

    1. I’ve seen these Lifetime Resin Utility Shed’s at 3 separate Costco’s in the Bay Area, CA. Where are you located? They may have a different model or brand?

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