Costco Wind Chimes 2022, Large Harmonically Tuned

Costco sells these large harmonically tuned wind chimes for $69.99. Scroll down for photos. Costco has gone with the same style of wind chimes for a few years now. If you take a look at the 2021 Costco Wind Chime from my previous post, you can see the subtle differences. The circular part holding the chimes now has a design / pattern in it as opposed to be solid last year. The part that hangs and makes the chimes sound has a hole in it this year. Last year it was solid. This is made by the same company & was very popular last year. Because of inflation the price has gone up $10 to $69.99. Still a great deal considering the size of this wind chime. If you missed out on last year or just like to collect new wind chimes, make sure to buy it sooner than later. Here are a few more details about these Costco 2022 Wind Chimes……

  • Brand: Stylecraft
  • Model: GN18088
  • Harmonically-tuned Aluminum Tubes
  • Black Powder-coated, Weather-resistant Finish
  • Detachable Sail
  • 9″ Dia. x 60.5″ H, Weight: 8.37 lb.
  • Steel Top Ring & Sail
  • No assembly required
  • Stand Not Included

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Costco Harmonic Wind Chime 2022

One of the big issues last year was people were looking for a stand to accommodate this large of a wind chime. Unfortunately, Costco doesn’t have a stand to go with the chime. If they did, I’m sure most people would also buy the stand. Seems like a good way for manufacturers of this wind chime to make a few extra dollars. Anyways, there are a few good options below, so click the links to check them out. This will sell out quickly so buy them as soon as you see them. They are selling on for $77.99 right now, which is only $8 more for shipping and handling. That’s not bad considering how big of a product this is. I always recommend saving the money and purchasing in-store. Anyways, check out these large wind chime stands to go with this product……

Price: $69.99, Item Number: 2127131

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