Costco Wind Chime, Large Harmonically Tuned

**2022 Costco Wind Chimes, Large Harmonically Tuned**

Costco sells this Large Harmonically Tuned Wind Chime for $59.99. Scroll down for photos. These wind chimes hit the shelves mid winter. This was the first time I have seen them this year. These wind chimes are great if they are something you are into. I know some people don’t like the noise & that’s OK too. This is a large wind chime! In the suburbs where I live I usually see smaller wind chimes that are 12 – 18″ long. This one is over 5 feet tall so be aware when purchasing! Make sure you have a nice place to hang it or have a stand large enough to hold it. These must have been placed on the floor recently because the entire pallet looked new. I found these next to the Lifetime Deck Box & Utility Sheds. Here are a few more details about this Costco Wind Chime…….

  • Brand: Stylecraft
  • Harmonically-tuned Aluminum Tubes
  • Black Powder-coated, Weather-resistant Finish
  • 8.5” Dia. X 63” H, Weight: 8.15 Lbs.
  • Model Number: GN2768
  • Steel Top Ring & Sail
  • No Assembly Required
  • Stand Not Included

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Costco Harmonically Tuned Wind Chime

This is a new product for Costco. They currently have only 2 reviews online, but they are both 5 star! As said above, it is MUCH larger than people anticipated. It sells for $69.99 on so make sure to get it in store because you will save $10. If you are thinking about it, just get it. This item will be off the shelves soon because these are seasonal. I expect it to continue to get good ratings too. The price is great too, considering the size of this wind chime. If you are looking for other HIGHLY RATED wind chimes, make sure to click the links below. I also found one of the ONLY stands tall enough to accommodate this. Follow these links…….

Price: $59.99, Item Number: 1902425

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26 thoughts on “Costco Wind Chime, Large Harmonically Tuned

  1. Thanks so much for the help Ladies, I think I’ll call the store and see if they will ship it to me!!

    1. I checked & they currently don’t have the item for sale online. You’re best bet will be to go in-store & ask them to search by Item Number. Let me know if you end up finding one. I hope you do! Good luck

      1. I did get one!! I went to the Dallas store, put in the item number and it came up so I shipped It to myself…did coat $69 but don’t mind I know online orders cost $10 more and my store will return and let me repurchase for the original price. Very happy thanks to all foe the advise

        1. So glad you go one! That’s what’s nice about ordering on You can always return it in-store which is easier for me instead of shipping. Let me know how you like it! Thanks for stopping by

    1. I was just at Costco yesterday & they still had them in stock at my local Costco (Bay Area, CA). I also recently saw them in stock in Dallas, TX. I would grab the item number from above & ask your local Costco if there are any in inventory around you. They are REALY NICE wind chimes. I hope you find them. Good luck

  2. Me too!!! I begged the store manager asking if I could purchase the model stand. Unfortunately I couldn’t. I found the perfect “make do stand”. Check out the heavy duty outdoor tall plant stand at “At Home” store in sugarland. Think i paid $29 or $34. Hangs perfect!

  3. Hi, I also purchased these beautiful chimes. I found the perfect “make do (very nice) stand. It’s a heavy duty yard plant stand (metal) from At Home Store in Sugar Land. It’s tall enough and really perfect. Think I paid $29 or ?$34 for the plant stand. It holds my large chime very well

    1. Hi. What exactly is it called? Or any picture so I know what am looking for? I’ll try to the At Home in Pearland. Thank you so much .

      1. It’s called a Costco Harmonically Tuned Wind Chime. I haven’t seen these on the shelves recently so I don’t think they will be getting any more in stock. They are still available on for $69.99 so you should grab one quick if you want one. Summer ends in less than a month! Hope you find one!

  4. I bought these chimes and I absolutely love them!! Their tone is such a great sound. I am so happy with these and so too listen when I hear them!! It is an awesome deal!!

    1. I’m glad you found them Marci! These are very popular right now. Where did you end up hanging yours? Thanks

  5. I was in Costco today and saw these! They are FABULOUS. Like everyone else I searched high and low for a stand and was confused about why they wouldn’t just sell them…but I found this and ordered it:

    If the hyperlink doesn’t work go to and type in Blossoming Creations2 (that is the name of the Etsy Shop) and search 55-wind-chime-stand. It’s $90 as of right now but I think it’s worth it. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the tip Nadra. I checked that stand out and it looks great. It’s a little pricey at $90 though. It’s frustrating, because the wind chime only cost $59.99. One would think the stand would be cheaper! Here is a Large 92″ Shepherd Hook on Amazon ($33 for 1, or $50 for 2) that should work well with this wind chime. It looks like someone left a review for this exact wind chime & stated it worked. The only issue is the possibility of it tipping over if it’s windy or your soil is loose. You could anchor it though. Thanks for the comment

    2. Did the 55″ stand work? The box says the chime is 60.5″. Did you shorten the middle string? I love the chime, but they need to sell that stand, too!

      1. I don’t see how that could work with the chime being 60.5″. She may have shortened the top, but I think it would look funny that low to the ground.

  6. Thanks for your post, which I found when looking for a stand for these wonderful chimes. I love the chimes and the tuning, and the stand it was on at Costco was perfect (which was not for sale). I have had no luck finding a stand sturdy and long enough for these chimes. If anyone finds a stand, please let me know. Thanks again for your posts.

    1. Sorry to hear Kevin. I was at Costco today & they had the chimes, but they did not have a display up, so I did not see a stand. I was hoping to try to find the make / manufacturer & possibly a model number. I’ll keep you updated if I find anything. Thanks for the comment

  7. I so desperately want the stand as well! I talked to a manager at Costco and was informed that the stand belongs to the supplier of the wind chimes and the deal is the supplier supply one stand to display their product on (the wind chimes) and once the wind chimes are out of stock the wind chimes are returned to the supplier. Unfortunately I have no clue who the supplier is but would love to have the stand displayed with the wind chimes on it!

    1. I believe the company that makes these is StyleCraft. I tried to do some Internet sleuthing & was unable to come up with a website or phone number. I’m sure this product is made in China so it would be difficult to track them down. Too bad Costco didn’t let the supplier know to produce a stand for it to also sell. I’m sure it would be popular. I’m sure you’ll find something soon. Let me know what you end up going with.

  8. I wish they sold the stand that this was displayed on. It is PERFECT and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas!?

    1. I’ve heard that from a couple of different people. You would think Costco would sell the stand next to it & probably have no problem selling it. I have no idea who makes the stand, but if I see it next time I go, I’ll look for a brand & model number

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