Costco Garden Trellis, Outdoor 6′ Steel Trellis

Costco sells this 6′ Outdoor Steel Garden Trellis for $19.99. Scroll down for photos. Springtime is here & Costco has all their gardening & outdoor supplies out on the floor. This is a 6 foot garden trellis with some branches & leaves woven into the design. It’s a really nice outdoor piece that would look great in any garden. It was surprisingly heavy when I picked it up so it seems to be a high quality piece. It’s big too! It stands almost at my height, so it would be a little awkward to check out. It’s just under 6 feet, standing at 71 3/4 inches. I found this item right next to the Wind Chimes & American Flag as you can see in the photos. Here is a little more information about this Costco Garden Trellis………

  • Powder Coated Finish
  • 23″ L x 71 3/4″ H
  • Made of Steel
  • Outdoor Use Only
  • No Assembly Required

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Costco Garden Trellis

I know this product says outdoor use only, but I see no reason why you couldn’t have this inside with a nice indoor plant growing up the trellis. This will only be on the shelves for a limited amount of time, so make sure to grab one if you’re interested. Costco will probably keep it in stock for a while, but when they decide to get rid of their gardening items, they do it quickly & without notice. They don’t sell this online, so this is an in store only item. When looking online, some of these trellis’s can get VERY expensive, so I want to point out how good of a deal this is for only $19.99. If you are looking for another size trellis or different design, make sure to check these out (check out the H Potter ones. They are REALLY NICE but EXPENSIVE……

Price: $19.99, Item Number: 1902442

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22 thoughts on “Costco Garden Trellis, Outdoor 6′ Steel Trellis

    1. I would say 10-15 pounds. I picked it up in-store, but this was months ago so it’s a really rough estimate. Hope that helps

  1. the Costco store in MN has the Garden Trellis, however it is a different model from 2021. its more gold and more curved at the top with dragon flies item number is 2127103. It does not come up on the website.
    I am also looking for 6 more of the 2021 item 1902442

    1. I just saw the new ones in Costco and they are slightly different than last years model. I don’t think you will be able to find last years model unless you find them via 3rd party like Amazon or eBay. Sorry about that

    1. Unfortunately Linda, I have not seen these at my Costco this year. That doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing them on the shelves, but I haven’t seen them yet. I’ll keep an eye out and let me know if you find them

    1. I was actually jus in Hawaii & I’m about 90% sure I saw this item in stock. This would be in Maui. Hope that helps! Let me know if you end up finding it. These will probably be off the shelf soon if there are any left

    1. I’m not sure about your location, but they are still in stock in Northern California. I know that doesn’t help, but at least you know they are still selling them. Take a screenshot of the product number & ask your local Costco if they have any at a nearby Costco. Hope you find one!

    2. Thursday 2022-05-19: spotted a dozen or more at the Beltsville MD location; this product is NOT FOUND via the name or inventory number (“STEEL GARDEN TRELLIS” 2127103 at $21.99); look for these in the back mid-store in the gardening & outdoor furniture area (the merchandise is placed to find it: you will be facing the front of the store, and your back will be towards the rear of the store).
      Russ W.

      1. Thanks Russel. I also saw these in-store too. They were with all the gardening items as you have stated. I just checked & they do not carry this specific Trellis. They do have a few alternatives for anyone interested.

  2. Are there any of these trellises in Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Pete or Clearwater area of Fla? If not, will they be available again?

    1. I’m not 100% sure about that area. You’re best bet is to either call the store directly or go in. Ask them about this specific model by using the model number above. They should be able to tell you when / where they are located. FYI…they are still in stock at my local Costco’s in the Bay Area, CA

    1. I found this in the Bay Area, CA. I’ve seen them in stock for a few weeks now. Are you having trouble finding this?

        1. I keep seeing them consistently at my local Costco’s. They have them at all 4 near me. Did you see them at all this year? I wonder if they don’t stock them at your Costco for some reason. Unfortunately they are not available online right now

    1. Yes….I was at Costco today & I saw both the Trellis & the Wind Chimes. They are located next to each other in the outdoor product section of Costco. I hope you are able to find one.

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