Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon at Costco, France 750 mL

Pick up a bottle of this Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon at Costco! Scroll down for photos. I posted about this last year because they had a different style dragon. Check out last years bottle here. This year looks like it has even more detail. It’s got the clear baby dragon on the back of the larger dragon. I tried to get some close up shots, but the reflection wouldn’t let me. It is a REALLY nice looking bottle in person. This would make a GREAT gift for the holidays or for anyone who enjoys a nice Brandy. It’s a 750 mL bottle even though it looks small. My question is… you recycle the bottle after you drink it or keep it? Seems like such a nice bottle to discard, but it takes up a lot of space. Either way, it’ll look good at the mini bar for a while. Here are a few more details about this Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon from Costco……..

  • Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon w/ Baby, France 750 mL
  • 40% Alcohol by Volume
  • Made in France
  • Imported by: Aiko Importers

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Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon w/ Baby, France 750 mL

For the price of $99.99 this seems like a great deal. The bottle they sold last year was the same price. They increased the detail on the dragon & kept the price the same. I’m guessing this will be a staple at Costco during the holidays to come. You can see the stack wasn’t very big because this is a bulky item. If you’re thinking about purchasing, you probably want to get it sooner than later, because Costco probably won’t keep this in stock. If you’re going to enjoy this Brandy, make sure it’s not in a red cup. Get yourself a couple of HIGHLY RATED tumblers or Brandy snifters. Check them out here…….

Price: $99.99, Item Number: 1121621

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4 thoughts on “Napoleon Brandy XO Dragon at Costco, France 750 mL

    1. I haven’t seen these in stock at Costco in months. I think they are off the shelves for good until the next model comes out. Sorry about that. I’ll be sure to post the new one when it becomes available

    1. These are sold in store only. I’ve seen them at multiple Costco’s so if you’re near a Costco I would see if they have it in stock. Remember you don’t need a Costco membership to purchase alcohol. I hope that helps. Good luck!

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