Costco FoodSaver Bags, Bag Combo Rolls & Precut Bags

Costco sells the FoodSaver bags for $39.99. Scroll down for photos. This is a large combo pack of rolls & precut bags. I just recently posted about the Costco FoodSaver Automatic Vacuum Sealing System. It only makes sense to purchase the bags if you’re going to buy the sealer. The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer only comes with a limited amount of bags/roll. It’s enough to just get you started. You’re going to want to purchase this if you buy the combo kit. It’s also one of the best prices around. Like I said before, these bags are fantastic. They’re much better than using a ziploc bag. All too often I end up throwing food out of our freezer because of freezer burn. These bags help prevent that. Here is a little more information about the Costco FoodSaver Combo Bags………

  • 46 – 1 quart pre-cut bags
  • 2 – 8 inch x 20 foot rolls
  • 3 – 11 inch x 16 foot rolls
  • Easy Seal Rolls & Bags
  • Keep Food Fresh 5x Longer
  • Prevent Freezer Burn
  • BPA Free & Multi-Layered
  • Simmer & Microwave Safe

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FoodSaver Bag Combo Roll & Pre-Cut Bags

The one thing I forgot to mention in my other post is that you can use these with your Sous Vide, Anova Precision Cooker Kit. They are designed to be used with a higher temperature & BPA Free! The Sous Vide Cookers are really popular right now. Throw some New York’s in the FoodSaver Bags and drop them in the Sous Vide. It’s almost too easy! Costco currently sells them online for the same price, except you pay $3.99 shipping. So save a few bucks & buy them in store. It sits right next to the FoodSaver so it would be hard to miss. If you want to buy a smaller quantity or different combo pack, make sure to check these out. There are also some HIGHLY RATED off brand bags you should check out (little cheaper too!)……

Price: $39.99, Item Number: 3569569

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