Costco Hippeas Organic Nacho Chickpeas Puffs

Costco must be following this blog, because I’m pretty sure I requested more flavors a while back! For a while there Costco was only carrying the white cheddar flavor of these puffs & while they are scrumptious, you get burned out on 1 flavor after eating an entire bag in 2 days. That’s right! I ate over a pound of Hippeas in just 2 days. Don’t judge!

The most difficult part is figuring out which flavor I like the most. These Nacho Cheese flavored hippeas are pretty amazing. The Nacho Cheese doesn’t hit you too hard, but leaves you wanting just 1 more bite. They’re organic, gluten free, kosher, vegan, NON-GMO & no soy! They’re not on sale yet, but still a great deal at only $6.99.

Price: $6.99, Item Number: 1329961

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2 thoughts on “Costco Hippeas Organic Nacho Chickpeas Puffs

    1. They don’t sell food items like this on Costco’s website. You will have to go in store to buy them. They don’t seem to carry them ALL the time, so hopefully you will find them next time you go

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