Costco Icicle Lights, Cascading White Lights

Along with the standard Christmas Lights , Costco also carries these Cascading White Icicle Lights. I’ve always thought about purchasing these because they do look great, but I’m already financially committed to the standard lights. I believe Costco sold these last year & they were made by GE. Now it looks like these are Costco’s own brand. On the box you can see “Distributed by: Costco Wholesale Corporation”. Scroll down for photos. Anyways, these lights are a little pricier than the standard lights. They are $29.99 as opposed to $7.99. Before you purchase, be aware of how many sets you might need. These only span about 9 1/2 feet of length, so if you have 50 feet to cover, you may need 5 or 6 ($150+). That was the main reason for me sticking to the standard 100 count Christmas lights. They do look GREAT though, when setup properly. Here are a few more details about these Costco icicle lights…….

  • 20 Count Cascading White Icicle Lights
  • 9 1/2 feet lighted length
  • 520 LED’s
  • Alternating Icicle lengths
  • Connect up to 3 sets together
  • 3 Lighting Functions: Slow Cascading, Fast Cascading, Steady On

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Costco Icicle Lights

I just want to reiterate the detail about connecting a maximum of 3 sets together. This can be very limiting if you don’t have several outdoor plugs. Be aware of that when purchasing these because they are expensive & you wouldn’t want to come up short. This model has the fake icicles as opposed the the cascading “strand”. If you’d like to check out some of the HIGHLY rated icicle strands or rain lights for tree’s, please check out some of the following links on Amazon. There’s also a REALLY UNIQUE curtain string light for Christmas, weddings or parties. Check them out………..

Price: $29.99, Item Number: 2006089

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