Costco Mochi Ice Cream, Bubbies 18 Count, 22.5 oz

You have got to try this Costco Mochi ice cream! Costco sell this Bubbies Mochi Premium Collection for $9.99. Scroll down for photos. It does go on sale every once in a while if you want to hold out though. I think this is one of the best brands out there (Mikawaya, My/Mo Mochi, Trader Joe’s, etc). It’s absolutely one of the best prices too. Mochi isn’t cheap & you can get this 18 pack for $10. It comes out to about $0.56 per mochi, which isn’t bad. All 3 flavors are great too. Although, if I had to pick one, I’m going with the mango mochi. This can be found in the freezer section of Costco next to the frozen fruit. Here are a few more details about this Mochi Ice Cream…….

  • Brand: Bubbies 18 Count
  • Flavors: Strawberry, Green Tea & Mango
  • Premium Ice Cream wrapped in sweet rice dough
  • Only 90 Calories per piece
  • Let thaw for 3 – 4 minutes before serving

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Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream at Costco

If you’ve read my other posts than you know I can be a binge eater. This is one of those items I can’t keep around too often. I will go through all 18 Mochi in a couple of days. We try to only buy this a couple times a year or during a dinner party, that way most of them will get eaten. I’m a sucker for chewy sweets, which makes it hard to keep Hi-Chews around the house. If you have trouble finding this at Costco or you want the individual flavors, make sure to check out Amazon. They sell this brand (Bubbies) via Whole Foods & you can get them delivered. Check out the links here…….

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14 thoughts on “Costco Mochi Ice Cream, Bubbies 18 Count, 22.5 oz

  1. These are the best Mochi I’ve ever had! Much better than MyMo, which are also good. I would love to try their other flavors.

    1. Glad to hear Rebecca! It’s also one of the best prices around too! I’ve been waiting to try the other flavors as well. Costco is pretty good about picking the most popular flavors so that usually means they don’t have too much variety. It would be nice if they could offer a different 3-pack. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca

  2. I saw an ad for a blood orange, strawberry and passion fruit flavors. Did you see those available?

    1. I haven’t seen those flavors available at Costco……yet. They sound amazing though. I’ll keep my eyes out & let me know if you find them as well.

    1. No. The Mochi does not come individually wrapped. They are separated into their individual slots inside the container so it’s not like they are “loose” in the box. Hope that helps

      1. The Mochi that we used to buy was smooth and chewey and that was enjoyable. The Mochi that we bought recently was very thick, floury, starchy, grainy, etc.. The outer wrapping of the Ice cream was not made of sweet rice and you could easily tell the difference. This is one way of cutting cost or cutting corners, more wrapping lesser Ice Cream Filling. If you are watching your CARBS intake, beware, you’re eating more CARBS than protein. The quality of the product is from 5 star to 1 or not even 1. I had to peel the Mochi like a Tangerine/Mandarin. Better off buying Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream or Godiva Ice Cream.

        1. Thanks for sharing that Emma. I still really enjoy this mochi. I will also be the first one to admit that I have a sweet tooth & I haven’t tried that many brands of mochi, so take that into account. That’s great to know about the carbohydrates and the protein. A lot of people seem to be watching their caloric intake these days. If I branch out and try different mochi I’ll come back with a comparison. Thanks

        2. I was disappointed in this brand also. The mochi layer was dry and leathery. I also saw that the layer just peeled off as I bit into it…not soft and chewy at all. I wonder if it had been defrosted and then refrozen.

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