Costco Nordictrack Treadmill, Elite 900 Touchscreen Tread

Costco sells this Nordictrack Treadmill for $799.99. It is the Elite 900 Treadmill that is “similar” to that of a Peloton (more on that later). Scroll down for photos & my true opinion. The home workout machines are very popular right now. Fitness & health have always been a big industry, but with the pandemic (COVID-19) still around, more & more people are looking for the home gyms. That is where the Nordictrack comes in. It is an affordable treadmill with the touchscreen & online classes to help coach you. Nordictrack is a name brand that has been around for ages. Treadmills have a price range of $300 – $10,000+ (Woodways, google it) so this is a VERY affordable one. Here are a few more details about this Costco Nordictrack Treadmill……….

  • 7″ Full Color Touchscreen
  • Built in Speakers
  • Space Saver Design (can be stored in the upright position)
  • Auto-breeze Fan
  • Speed: 0 – 12 MPH, Incline: 0 – 12% (12% is plenty!)
  • 300 pound user capacity
  • 1 year iFit membership

Nordictrack Elite 900 Treadmill Costco

So full disclosure…..we own the Peloton treadmill. We’ve had it for 2 years and absolutely love it! We have no issues with it. Our Peloton has the slats as opposed to the conventional running belt, like this. It was almost 6 times the price though! So it would be like comparing apples & oranges. What we love most about the peloton is the online classes. This treadmill comes with the classes & someone to coach you along the way. That is the BEST about the online classes……’s motivation to keep working out. **WARNING** – Before buying make sure to read the Costco reviews. It’s got a 2.4/5 rating (37 reviews currently). Unfortunately, that’s pretty bad. If you’re treadmill shopping, make sure to check out these “better” rated ones on Amazon……

If you want my true opinion…..I would get a PELOTON if you can afford it. They just came out with a more affordable belt treadmill & still sell the upgraded slats model. Yes, it’s expensive but it is worth it. No, I don’t work for the company or get any commission for their sales. We really do just LOVE the Peloton & the community & we’ve had zero issues in 2 years (we own the bike & treadmill)

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22 thoughts on “Costco Nordictrack Treadmill, Elite 900 Touchscreen Tread

  1. hi

    Can some one please give shipping dimensions inches and weight of this treadmill ?

    Can it fit in a Honda mini van to carry it from Costco to home? Can 2 people carry it? or is it better to get additional help?

    Fully Assembled max width X Length X Height

    – Thanks

    1. I’ll see if I can get that information next time I go to Costco. I’m sure it’s on the box somewhere, but I didn’t take a photo of it. I’ll let you know if I find it

    1. Try unplugging it from the outlet & leaving it unplugged for 5 – 10 minutes. Sometimes it just needs a good reset. Let me know if that works or if you end up solving the issue. Thanks

    1. I’m not exactly sure, but the box was about 6′ x 1′ x 2.5′. The length of the belt is 60″ & the width of the belt is 20″. It’s a fairly standard size track to run on. I hope that helps!

  2. We just bought the Nordictrack Elite 900 treadmill from Cosco. We also went out and bought new Garmin watches to monitor our heartrates with the “bluetooth smart heart rate monitor” feature advertised on the dashboard. However, there are no instructions on how to pair it. I put my watch in heart rate broadcast mode but the treadmill doesn’t pick it up. Nordictrack customer service was no help at all, can anyone help me please?

    1. Hi Henry……this was a recommendation from another user….”The Bluetooth works with head phones. You need to reset the tablet to get it to work. But if you reset the tablet be prepared to reinstall any apps you may have added If you can figure out how to add them and get them to work.” I’m sorry you’re having trouble getting Bluetooth connected. The technology should really be much simpler by now. It’s been out for years. Is it possible NordicTrack requires a proprietary Bluetooth heartrate monitor? Is there anything in the manual? I’ve tried finding the manual online, but it’s very difficult to find Costco branded manuals. Please let me know if you end up figuring it out

  3. This thing is pure garbage. No instructions for the console. It’s an android tablet that is out of date and barely supports itself. I called customer service and got the turn it off turn it on advice. Don’t waste your money on this product.

    1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Are you going to return it? I have had devices before with old android operating systems that didn’t update, so I know what you mean. That’s a bummer you couldn’t get more customer support. I would think a big company like NordicTrack would be able to put our updates to the console regularly. I know I keep bring up Peloton, but they update the operating system/console on a weekly basis. I had issues in the beginning, but they went away quickly with a few updates. Maybe NordicTrack will do the same but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Hopefully you’re able to get a refund. Thanks for the review

    1. I’m not sure if this model has Bluetooth as a feature. It’s got the 2 digital amplified speakers built in to the unit. Did you buy this exact model from Costco?

      1. The Bluetooth works with head phones. You need to reset the tablet to get it to work. But if you reset the tablet be prepared to reinstall any apps you may have added If you can figure out how to add them and get them to work. The tablet has no instructions and does not support google play.

        1. Thanks for the heads up Stephen. Sounds like a real nuisance to get the Bluetooth headset working each time. Like I said before you would think a big company like NordicTrack would be able to put our updates to the console, but apparently they don’t. Sorry for the bad experience. Are you going to return it?

          1. There should be an option on the tablet to reset it. It’s usually located under the “settings” tab. Maybe another user can chime in because I have a different treadmill. Please let me know if you end up finding it.

  4. I just bought the Nordic Track Elite 900 treadmill at Cosco, it comes with one year free iFit but after a year it’s $ 40+ dollars a month and I am not interested to spend that. My question is I haven’t been able to find any pre programed manual workouts??? It has a manual setting but then you have to push the buttons manually to get a good workout ?

    1. Yes, you will have to push the button to adjust incline and speed in the manual setting. Doesn’t this Nordictrack come with pre-programmed workouts that auto adjust speed and incline for you. According to a the Nordictrack C900 manual it features twenty onboard workouts – five calorie workouts, five intensity workouts, five speed workouts, and five incline workouts. If that’s not the case please let me know. You are right about $40. It is expensive, but it’s still cheaper than a gym membership. Plus you don’t have to drive & have the convenience of your gym at home, which is a big time saver. Please keep me updated. Thanks

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