Costco Nordictrack Treadmill, Elite 900 Touchscreen Tread

Costco sells this Nordictrack Treadmill for $799.99. It is the Elite 900 Treadmill that is “similar” to that of a Peloton (more on that later). Scroll down for photos & my true opinion. The home workout machines are very popular right now. Fitness & health have always been a big industry, but with the pandemic (COVID-19) still around, more & more people are looking for the home gyms. That is where the Nordictrack comes in. It is an affordable treadmill with the touchscreen & online classes to help coach you. Nordictrack is a name brand that has been around for ages. Treadmills have a price range of $300 – $10,000+ (Woodways, google it) so this is a VERY affordable one. Here are a few more details about this Costco Nordictrack Treadmill……….

  • 7″ Full Color Touchscreen
  • Built in Speakers
  • Space Saver Design (can be stored in the upright position)
  • Auto-breeze Fan
  • Speed: 0 – 12 MPH, Incline: 0 – 12% (12% is plenty!)
  • 300 pound user capacity
  • 1 year iFit membership
  • User Manual (NTL89121.0-426714) – click to Download

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Nordictrack Elite 900 Treadmill Costco

So full disclosure…..we own the Peloton treadmill. We’ve had it for 2 years and absolutely love it! We have no issues with it. Our Peloton has the slats as opposed to the conventional running belt, like this. It was almost 6 times the price though! So it would be like comparing apples & oranges. What we love most about the peloton is the online classes. This treadmill comes with the classes & someone to coach you along the way. That is the BEST about the online classes……’s motivation to keep working out. **WARNING** – Before buying make sure to read the Costco reviews. It’s got a 2.4/5 rating (37 reviews currently). Unfortunately, that’s pretty bad. If you’re treadmill shopping, make sure to check out these ones on Amazon……

If you want my true opinion…..I would get a PELOTON if you can afford it. They just came out with a more affordable belt treadmill & still sell the upgraded slats model. Yes, it’s expensive but it is worth it. No, I don’t work for the company or get any commission for their sales. We really do just LOVE the Peloton & the community & we’ve had zero issues in 2 years (we own the bike & treadmill)

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100 thoughts on “Costco Nordictrack Treadmill, Elite 900 Touchscreen Tread

    1. I don’t know the exact dimensions of the box. With your back seats down it might still stick out the back of the Rav4. Those Rav4’s can be pretty tight even with the back seat down. I have a Kia Sorento which is bigger & I don’t think it would fit in my car

    2. i tried bringing it thorough Honda CR-V. It was sticking out. You have to tie it down and also tie down the tailgate. It worked. It is very heavy. You need two to carry it.

      1. Thanks to know Bala. That would make sense. I RAV-4, although labeled an SUV, is still a small vehicle. It probably weighed the vehicle down pretty good too. Glad you were able to get your hands on one. Please come back and let me know how you like it.

    1. They didn’t have the display in store. I tried looking for it. Is there a reason you need to know the height? Are you trying to fit it in a tight space or have a low ceiling?

  1. One should be realistic what to expect for the price point. Having had the C900 for a little over a month, I have zero complaints. Ordered treadmill lubricant as it is completely gone when I felt for it underneath the belt. This is a must based on what I have read online. Bluetooth while it is there it is practically useless. Cannot stream bluetooth audio for one. Keep in mind it is Bluetooth Smart, which is for heart rate monitors. I had an old Underarmour Armour39 heart rate monitor which is bluetooth smart capable but did not work. I guess it only works with Norditrack’s bluetooth heart rate monitor which is $99 on their website. But no point in getting it as I use my Apple watch which is way more accurate. Having used the commercial treadmills at the gym with grip heart rate sensors, they are practically useless from a workout perspective. I only used to use them to measure the heart rate after the workout to measure the cooldown rate. In addition the grip sensors are a lot less accurate in my opinion. I do use the aux audio input have been using an audio cable connected to my old iphone which I use in the iPod mode. But will be using a Bluetooth transmitter shortly. The built-in tablet is 7.0″ and runs on Andriod 7 which is grossly outdated but serves the purpose. Have zero use for iFit. Used the free 1 year membership and cancelled the membership after two weeks, so need to worry about my cc getting charged and the membership is valid for one year. So my recommendation is signup and cancel immediately. The problem of using it without iFit, which you can do is there is no way to save the user profile (height, weight, age etc.,) and as a consequence the calories burnt info will be out of whack. I recently saw that Costco is now selling C700 Elite for $749 but do not know what the difference is. But folks for the price point and Costoco advantage it is as good as it gets. Just make sure you lube the belt based on your usage and should last a long time. I am really happy with the purchase and both me and the wife use it every day of the week.

    1. Thanks for such a detailed and god review. You make a good point of having expectations for a treadmill that costs $1,000. This isn’t a Woodway treadmill that costs $10,000+, but it is an affordable treadmill that will get the job done.

      1. It’s hard to explain on here, but your best bet is to go to youtube & search “nordictrack lube treadmill belt”. The first video was a good preventative maintenance video on nordictrack treadmills. There are some other great videos you can find too that should help.

  2. I just got my Elite 900 and got it running, everything is fine except the sound, I couldn’t get it working, I played some of the exercise in the library and no sound, cannot find anything online, can anyone here help? thanks.

    1. Any chance that your Bluetooth is connected to another device? Possible that it is just muted? Have you checked behind the treadmill for any loose wires? Let me know if you figure it out

    2. I am referring the speakers on the treadmill, it seem like the speakers build for external device using 3.5mm jack, could not test this because I don’t have the 2 male 3.5mm cable. (I maybe wrong) I connected my iPhone 11 to the treadmill and played music but didn’t work, my iPhone showed connected to the treadmill. I tried my Bluetooth headphone and I can hear the sound and no problem. I want to hear anyone who had this machine or maybe I got the defected one. thanks.

    3. Just updated: I exchanged the new one and the sound works perfectly, which mean I got the defected one! regarding the Bluetooth, it won’t stream the music from the phone, so the Bluetooth only work for headphones and heart rate monitor devices.

      1. Glad to hear you got it all sorted out. Please come back & let us know how you like the machine overall. Thanks for the update

    4. I was wondering if you know the dimension of the depth when it’s folded. I want to buy one for my daughter but she has a very tight space in her room. Thanks

      1. I can’t be 100% sure as I have a different treadmill. If the room is that small, this is sure to take up a lot of space though, so keep that in mind. They do have smaller treadmills on Amazon that fold up if you wanted to look there. Let me know if you buy it and it works out. Good luck

  3. I got my Elite 900 a week ago and I did not unbox it as I am going to return it to Costco.

    The first thing I noticed from the picture on the box was that it does not have a heart rate sensor! By reading the reviews here, my first disappointment with this model is confirmed. I wish I noticed that before getting this really heavy box inside the home garage. I honestly did not pay much attention to this feature as I never thought such a basic requirement will be missing from any modern treadmill. I focused mainly on the weight capacity, running surface dimensions, motor, etc, but not the heart sensor!

    How does this machine monitors/calculates the calories and other user data? I always thought that calorie consumption estimate is based on time, training strength, and heart rate, unless some other heuristic is used here.

    Heart monitoring is essential for me to have and using activity tracker or smart watch is not an option I want to explore. What will be an alternative way to incorporate this feature into the treadmill? Anyone have good suggestions or experience here?

    Also, it seems there is another higher model from Nordictrack that is sold in Costco. It is Elite 1000. I saw a newly released setup video (see below) for it and it seems it has a bigger screen (10 inches) and a heart sensor and higher weight capacity and better motor. The price was $799 which is exactly the same I paid for this Elite 900 !!

    Is this Elite 1000 model available anywhere in Costco stores? I cannot find Elite 900 or Elite 1000 in Costco online or even on the Nordictrack website. Is this discontinued model?

    Here is a link for the video:


    1. Glad you figure that out before you unboxed it and set it up. I haven’t seen the Elite 1000 in stores or online so I’ll keep my eye out. If it doesn’t have the features you want than it’s a good thing you are returning it. I found myself keeping track of my heart rate in he beginning & now I don’t use it anymore….but that’s just me. I understand that is very important for people to track as a metric. You can always just use a 3rd party heart rate monitor if you wanted, but I can understand if you want it integrated into the machine. Let me know what you end up doing. Hope it works out

  4. HI there, having put together two Elite 900 and one Elite 1000, all three had to be carried up a flight of stairs, what a very heavy pain. However, we do not use the iFit subscription but signed for an account to have the ability to save the data. I have three different accounts and neither require a monthly subscriptions so one might want to sign up to use what they offer for free and I LOVE IT. We personally have the 1000 which comes with a larger screen 10″ compared to the 7″ on the 900. I hope this helps…

    1. That does help a lot David. Thanks for letting us know. Dragging these machines up the stairs does sound like a tall task! Better you than me =). Glad you enjoy these machines & thanks for the tip on saving data!

    1. The Elite 900 has the Full Color LCD touchscreen built in as opposed to the S25I where you need a smart device to play the iFit classes. It comes down to your preference but I would choose the built in feature (Elite 900) over the S25I

    2. There is a REDDIT group for NordicTrack. You’ll get a lot more answers there. You’ll also see there are a serious LOT of complaints about these NT machines. Glad I got mine at COSTCO !

      1. Thanks Alan. Ya, based on the few reviews here, there seem to be some issues with this Treadmill. Either way, you are right….that’s the benefit of Costco….the return policy

  5. Ok. It’s been a week since I trucked it home and got it set-up. STILL Not signing in to iFIT by choice.
    Wife and I have used it several times. I’m on there every day. It’s working well except for the NON Functional iFIT.
    I would think that on a $1K ” fitness” machine, you would be able to SAVE your walks/workouts but if you chose to decline the iFIT, your data/info from these workouts is NOT recoverable.Thanks to my $50.00 Garmin Vivofit, I have the workaround/ info for that.
    The local store SOLD OUT in ONE DAY however, I now see the Elite 900 available online at COSTCO.CA..GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS: ITS available with Delivery..but, it’s priced at $200 more
    More to follow

    1. Thanks for the update Alan. Yes, all the workout equipment is significantly more expensive online since they have to ship it. $200 more sounds about right. I still can’t believe you can’t get your iFit membership squared away. That’s pretty bad on NordicTrack’s part. Hope you end up getting the free year because I love tracking workouts. It gives me something to strive for and break my previous records. Let me know if you end up getting it. Thanks again

    1. I’m not sure the exact dimensions, but based on the actual dimensions, you can get an idea. The entire machine 6ft 3in by 2ft 11in. Hope that helps.

    1. Yes, this treadmill is foldable. If you look above, there is a link to the instruction manual. On page 3 you can find the directions on how to fold it. It’s quite simple. I hope that helps!

      1. Here’s my review after set-up and getting it running:
        The machine is all set up. Not difficult but it takes time to get all the parts, screws, washers and so on assembled. It was QUITE difficult to get down the stairs with 180 degree turn at the landing. About 60# of the works can be carried down separately but that still leaves the main unit at about 200# of steel to get down and around the corner. Once in place, the assembly went well.
        The fit, finish, and workmanship is better than I expected, coming from China.
        I’d give it a 10. Once it was together, programmed in the various settings and set up the wifi connection. Ran a check on all the functions: incline (auto), speeds, fans, sound, color screen and did the online update. Wife and I have a few trips in on the machine now.. we’re pleased with it. Did an online Warranty/Registration.

        The only problem is, it comes with a ONE YEAR iFit membership card but before you get to try this FREE membership out, they insist on your C/C info and their sign up page says I WILL BE BILLED $40.49 in ONE month 3/11
        That’s NOT happening so I won’t be able to try out their *fake* offer.
        Nordic track machine: 5 stars (so far)
        iFit : NO stars !

        BTW,someone requested the assembled “footprint” size:
        it’s 35″ W and 79″ L

        1. Great review Alan! Thanks so much. Glad to hear a good review for the Nordictrack. As I was reading, I was really hoping you were going to like it, because it sounds like a pain to setup & have to dissemble again. That’s a real bummer about the iFit membership. Have you tried calling them. That seems like a real predatory way to “give away” a free 1 year membership. I’m sure Costco wouldn’t be happy with that either. Thanks for the dimensions of the footprint. Hopefully it’s a maintenance free machine & keep me updated. Thanks!

          1. Tried calling…no human answers.
            Tried email twice..their reply was, they’re busy, will get back to me in 2 weeks…sigh.
            Machine still working well, other than the non functional iFIT, it’s good.

            1. Sorry to hear Alan! Thanks for letting me know. That is very frustrating as I enjoy the online classes very much. Hope you end up getting a hold of them. For something so small, it seems they would want to make you a happy customer & avoid a returned product. Let me know if it works out

        2. Good Morning Alan,

          I have the same impression of the treadmill. I’ve had it for over a month and is used nearly every day by my wife, daughter and me. It’s standing up well with no issues whatsoever.

          In terms of iFit, I did sign up for the family membership and no issues with payment – none has come out of my account even though it has been 6 weeks. It was clearly a 12 month membership for free. iFit is pretty good responding to the forum i think, so might be worth a try there if you haven’t already.

          A quick comment about iFit – i was skeptical and thought ‘ok after 12 months this is gone’. However, i have to say it is really a wonderful program. Many trainers and locales and, if you’re an outdoor runner like me, is a pleasant break from treadmill drudgery in the East Coast winter.

          Best of luck!

          1. Glad to hear a positive review of the machine. I’m glad you like the training classes. I also feel like they are very motivational & keep you working out harder & longer. It’s worth the extra money if it keeps us all fit. Thanks for the comment

        3. Hi Alan, how did you check the sound? I just got mine and all set-up, everything is ok but no sound? wonder what I missed. thanks.

    2. Yes, once assembled, you can just lift the tail end right up and it LOCKS.
      Lift and Tap (locking tab)with foot to unlock..soft drop feature.

    1. I read the manual & it does not say anything about casting, so most likely no. I can’t say for sure. You would think the Elite model would support cast display, but Costco always seems to have specifically made items sold only at Costco. They tend to cut costs by cutting features. Please let me know if you are able to cast?

      1. That’s a bummer. Have waited a long time to get a treadmill and I guess I should have done my homework. It would be too much of a hassle to return. I really would have liked the Bluetooth feature but hope it lasts since I paid over $900 for this!

        1. This is from another user about Bluetooth….”No need to reset anything to get to the bluetooth menu. Just swipe down on the top right portion of the tablet and will see the standard Android menu options, Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane Mode etc. Clicking on the gear icon will take you to the Bluetooth menu where you can pair devices. Although I was able to pair my old iPhone 4, I was not able to get it to connect, iPhone kept saying unsupported device. For the price, I have zero complaints about this treadmill.” Hope that helps

          1. BLUETOOTH and CAST ?? Yes, they’re there just like on any(?) ANDROID tablet

            So here we go:
            a SWIPE down on the Upper right corner.
            That will give you the DROP DOWN menu for the ANDROID V.7 TABLET itself:
            Connection Strength
            Do NotDisturb
            BLUETOOTH YES..its HERE..BLUETOOTH ! Click…
            Airplane mode

            So now, lets SEE how we get to CAST..IT IS there.
            It hasnt got anything to do with the Treadmill as such but IS A FUNCTION OF THE ANDROID TABLET (like all other ANDROID tablets)
            Then, lets CAST: There is a SCROLL DOWN ARROW in a circle (Lower RT)
            If you TAP that,it will go to SETTINGS (Its the GEAR ICON)
            CLICK on the GEAR, “Settings”, scroll down to DISPLAY, click on DISPLAY and scroll down to the last item under DISPLAY and THERE, you’ll FIND [ CAST ].
            Click on CAST and if there is a DEVICE on nearby (like my 55″ ROKU TV) you’ll get the OPTION to CONNECT to it.
            MAKE SURE its “ON” and “THERE YA GO !” they should link up, mine did.

            I don’t have ANY IDEA if the iPod iOS tablets do something similar. I’m strictly an ANDROID guy but would IMAGINE its “in the APPLE” too.

  6. I just want a reliable product that I can walk on. I dont need any bluetooth or heart monitor as my Garmin Vivo can be set to monitor cardiac. My Sennheiser headphones connect to my “tunes” and I don’t want/need any “coaching”. As long as it holds together and “works”, I’m good.

    1. So I dug around online and found the MANUAL for this machine:
      its Model Number is: NTL89121.0 Its the Nordic Track ELITE 900 but is NOT the C900 or 960 you see on the Costco US website.

      Here is the LINK:

      and as you’ll see, its the company that offers Service/Parts and Warranty work on the machine. The manual is 44 pages long and DOES contain some info on linking by someone with a GARMIN wrist device asked. I’ll be picking up one of these this week at the Kelowna store. The CDN item # is 2621035
      Oh, and for the FAQ: its 6’3″ X 2’11” (L & W) and does weigh 258 Lbs.

      1. Thanks Alan. I looked high & low for the manual. Now I have it. I’ll try to post a link in this post because these manuals are always hard to come by. Thanks for the height and weight too! Much appreciated. When you do get one, please let me know what you think. There are a lot of mixed reviews!

    2. This product should work great for you Alan. If you don’t need all the features this is an affordable treadmill. I hope you end up getting one. Thanks for the comment

      1. Ok, its home. Item # 2621035 $999.99 CDN
        I had been advised to call the store Sunday 2/7 9 AM to check for STATUS on these treadmills “in store”.
        We called but were advised that they were “still on the truck” and to check back later..they may be in store later SUNDAY day or MONDAY. Decided to call back at Noon, Sunday and was told there were only 6 left. Drove imediately to the Warehouse to find just TWO box had a fair amount of DAMAGE on it. Took the GOOD one with us. TWO store staff had to help us 70+ old folks by loading it into our truck outside…GOOD ON THEM. Staff said they were “flying out the door” and by now, the KELOWNA store will be SOLD OUT.
        Now details:
        LWH: 83.5″ x 32″ x 14″ IN THE BOX.. I do believe it’s near 300#.
        TREAD says: 20″ x 60″
        Haven’t UNBOXED it yet but I do see something like:
        “Speakers, Bluetooth capable” on the outside. Backed truck right up to front door landing and slid it inside.
        GLAD we didn’t have to CARRY it ! More later ..

        PS: I see the same or similar MODELS on the US COSTCO site as ASSEMBLY INCLUDED. They must send someone out, I can’t see it being taken home, already put together.

        1. Thanks for the update Alan! Costco is pretty good about setting up bulky items. We had a California King mattress delivered & they set it up & took it back when we returned it. I believe they called it “white glove delivery”. Even though we didn’t like it the delivery & return was very smooth. As for your treadmill. I hope you get it setup soon. More positive reviews seem to be coming in, so hopefully you will enjoy your new machine. Keep me updated! Thanks

  7. Just got mine, but honestly I fully regret it… since for just a few bucks more I couldve gotten a way better machine… IT HAS NO BLUETOOTH, dont waste time trying to figure it out. Still havent figured out “How to turn this junk off” have been unplugging. No heart rate sensor, even older 90’s machines have that…. come on Nordic Track!!

    1. Thanks for the heads up Maria. It seems this product has mixed reviews. I guess it all depends on expectations. If I paid $799 for a product I would also expect Bluetooth to be a standard feature. Sorry you had a bad experience with this treadmill. It is probably a hassle, but you can always return it. It’s unfortunate Nordic Track couldn’t put out a better product.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Kelly! At over 250 pounds, that is definitely a lot for just 2 people. Maybe you can get a few Costco employees to help you load it, but you still need to get it out of the car. Sounds like it all worked out though. Thanks for the comment

    1. Hi Chris. I’ll have to get back to you. I’ve seen it at Costco the last few weeks. I’ll try to get a photo of all the specifications of the box & footprint next time I go

    1. Hi Lisa. I’ll have to get back to you. I’ve seen it at Costco the last few weeks. I’ll try to get a photo of all the specifications of the box & weights next time I go

  8. hi

    Can some one please give shipping dimensions inches and weight of this treadmill ?

    Can it fit in a Honda mini van to carry it from Costco to home? Can 2 people carry it? or is it better to get additional help?

    Fully Assembled max width X Length X Height

    – Thanks

    1. I’ll see if I can get that information next time I go to Costco. I’m sure it’s on the box somewhere, but I didn’t take a photo of it. I’ll let you know if I find it

    1. Try unplugging it from the outlet & leaving it unplugged for 5 – 10 minutes. Sometimes it just needs a good reset. Let me know if that works or if you end up solving the issue. Thanks

    1. I’m not exactly sure, but the box was about 6′ x 1′ x 2.5′. The length of the belt is 60″ & the width of the belt is 20″. It’s a fairly standard size track to run on. I hope that helps!

  9. We just bought the Nordictrack Elite 900 treadmill from Cosco. We also went out and bought new Garmin watches to monitor our heartrates with the “bluetooth smart heart rate monitor” feature advertised on the dashboard. However, there are no instructions on how to pair it. I put my watch in heart rate broadcast mode but the treadmill doesn’t pick it up. Nordictrack customer service was no help at all, can anyone help me please?

    1. Hi Henry……this was a recommendation from another user….”The Bluetooth works with head phones. You need to reset the tablet to get it to work. But if you reset the tablet be prepared to reinstall any apps you may have added If you can figure out how to add them and get them to work.” I’m sorry you’re having trouble getting Bluetooth connected. The technology should really be much simpler by now. It’s been out for years. Is it possible NordicTrack requires a proprietary Bluetooth heartrate monitor? Is there anything in the manual? I’ve tried finding the manual online, but it’s very difficult to find Costco branded manuals. Please let me know if you end up figuring it out

    2. I just got the Elite 900 and had the same question. There is nowhere in the UI to pair it. Then I found that there is no explicit pairing process and got it working for me.
      You need to have your heart rate monitor pairing when you start walking (I believe it is AFTER the warm up period), and the machine automatically searches and tries to pair. It should then show your heart rate as one of the numbers at the top. There is also a plus symbol at the bottom to add the heart rate number to the top if it is not already visible, but that symbol (after clicking plus) was greyed out for me until I paired the monitor.
      For my heart rate monitor (cheap chest strap from an off brand) there is no control to tell it to start pairing, you just have to put it on and once it detects a heart beat it starts pairing. So for me I have to get the treadmill moving and then put on the heart rate monitor, and it automatically connects and starts showing the values.

      1. Wow. Thanks for the helpful tip Adrian. You would think that Nordictrack would but this in the manual. That’s really helpful to the users out there trying to pair their heartrate monitor. Thanks for chiming in!

  10. This thing is pure garbage. No instructions for the console. It’s an android tablet that is out of date and barely supports itself. I called customer service and got the turn it off turn it on advice. Don’t waste your money on this product.

    1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Are you going to return it? I have had devices before with old android operating systems that didn’t update, so I know what you mean. That’s a bummer you couldn’t get more customer support. I would think a big company like NordicTrack would be able to put our updates to the console regularly. I know I keep bring up Peloton, but they update the operating system/console on a weekly basis. I had issues in the beginning, but they went away quickly with a few updates. Maybe NordicTrack will do the same but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Hopefully you’re able to get a refund. Thanks for the review

    1. I’m not sure if this model has Bluetooth as a feature. It’s got the 2 digital amplified speakers built in to the unit. Did you buy this exact model from Costco?

      1. The Bluetooth works with head phones. You need to reset the tablet to get it to work. But if you reset the tablet be prepared to reinstall any apps you may have added If you can figure out how to add them and get them to work. The tablet has no instructions and does not support google play.

        1. Thanks for the heads up Stephen. Sounds like a real nuisance to get the Bluetooth headset working each time. Like I said before you would think a big company like NordicTrack would be able to put our updates to the console, but apparently they don’t. Sorry for the bad experience. Are you going to return it?

          1. There should be an option on the tablet to reset it. It’s usually located under the “settings” tab. Maybe another user can chime in because I have a different treadmill. Please let me know if you end up finding it.

    2. No need to reset anything to get to the bluetooth menu. Just swipe down on the top right portion of the tablet and will see the standard Android menu options, Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane Mode etc. Clicking on the gear icon will take you to the Bluetooth menu where you can pair devices. Although I was able to pair my old iPhone 4, I was not able to get it to connect, iPhone kept saying unsupported device. For the price, I have zero complaints about this treadmill.

      1. Thanks Sujith. Thanks for the comment! It’s nice to hear that someone is having a good experience with this treadmill. Let me know if you are able to get a newer phone to connect? I could understand them not being able to support an iPhone 4. Hopefully there are no issues with any newer models. Thanks for the comment!

    3. Top RIGHT of screen, stroke “finger down” for the Tablet index, just like a reg tablet..for Bluetooth, airplane mode etc

  11. I just bought the Nordic Track Elite 900 treadmill at Cosco, it comes with one year free iFit but after a year it’s $ 40+ dollars a month and I am not interested to spend that. My question is I haven’t been able to find any pre programed manual workouts??? It has a manual setting but then you have to push the buttons manually to get a good workout ?

    1. Yes, you will have to push the button to adjust incline and speed in the manual setting. Doesn’t this Nordictrack come with pre-programmed workouts that auto adjust speed and incline for you. According to a the Nordictrack C900 manual it features twenty onboard workouts – five calorie workouts, five intensity workouts, five speed workouts, and five incline workouts. If that’s not the case please let me know. You are right about $40. It is expensive, but it’s still cheaper than a gym membership. Plus you don’t have to drive & have the convenience of your gym at home, which is a big time saver. Please keep me updated. Thanks

      1. The INCLINE “set up” is part of the Instructions in the included manual. Its one of the FIRST things it says TO DO so I’d say Go from There. It is an AUTO function to SET IT UP initially. You CAN DO a manual push on the console but I’d say, Follow the SET UP instructions FIRST.

        As far as Pre-Programmed Workouts, if you work your way through the TABLET menus (FIRST: top Right..Manual..blah PUSH button, next screen “Black guy smiling”, SWIPE up and you’ll see the pile of videos on there..) you’ll eventually find that there are about 16-18 FREE included Video training clips ranging from LEVEL 1 “Walking the Serengeti” in Africa and ranging upward to higher Levels 2,3,4 etc “All Around the World” including RUNNING which I’m not into.
        There are probably another couple of hundred LOCKED (greyed out) workouts that you can only run by being a PAID iFIT monthly member. They look very interesting but at nearly $500 per year, I’m not THAT interested.

        1. I find the pre-programmed workouts great! It gives me an end goal & someone is helping to motivate me. $500 a year is a little steep, but if it helps you get fit, it’s worth it to me.

    2. I’m late to the party doing research on the 900 treadmill. My free ifit membership (From Costco’s Pro-form elliptical) is expiring & was offered renewal for just 9.99 Indiv. Or upgrade to family for 14.99. I haven’t figured out the out the pre-programmed Either but I love using ifit; I’m not disciplined enough to go it on my own! Ifit really helps w/ that!

      1. Glad to hear Nancy! I’m the same way. I need someone telling me what to do when working out. It’s just hard to find the motivation to create my own workout. With the online classes I only have to press play & then someone else is motivating me. Glad to hear you had a good experience with iFit. Costco carries a few products that use the iFit membership. Thanks for the comment

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