Costco Pet Toys, Bark 4-Pack

Costco sells this 4-pack of Costco themed Pet Toys for $15.99. Scroll down for photos. This is such a clever item for Costco to sell. If you take a closer look, Costco took some of their most popular items & changed them into squeaky toys for dogs. The “Fine Whine” & “Dogka Licker” are the alcohol themed toys that are hilarious. Plus you’re dog gets it’s very own “Executive Dog Card” to go along with some “Sheddar Cheese”! All 4 of them are squeaker toys, & if you know how expensive these toys can get, than you know this 4-pack is a great deal! Make sure you’re furry friend gets to open a present during the holidays too. This would pair great with the Dog Advent Calendar that is still for sale. Here are a few more details about this Costco 4-pack of Pet Toys……

  • Brand: Bark
  • Model: P120
  • 4 – Pack Plush Toys w/ Squeaker
  • 1) “Fine Whine”, Large Squeaker, Packed w/ Fluff, Crazy Crinkle
  • 2) “Dogka Licker”, Large Squeaker, Packed w/ Fluff, Crazy Crinkle
  • 3) “Sheddar Cheese”, Squeaker, Packed w/ Fluff, Crazy Crinkle
  • 4) “Executive Dog Card”, Squeaker, Packed w/ Fluff, Crazy Crinkle

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Costco Bark Pet Toys 4-pack, Plush P120 Party Pack

This was the first time I have seen this specific dog toy set at Costco. I know they have sold other ones in the past with the pizza, soda & hot dog themes. This is their newest addition to the Pet Toys. If you have a neighbor or friend with a dog, this would make for a great gift. 4 toys is a GREAT value, for all of you who know how expensive toys can get. I found this in the pet section right next to the Dog Advent Calendar. Grab those 2 items & you’re dog is ready to go for Christmas. I think these would be great for any size dog. If you can’t find these at Costco, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED dog toys (CHECK OUT THE FIRST ONE…..ZippyPaws!!)…….

Price: $15.99, Item Number: 1530250

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