Costco Shrimp, Kirkland Signature Raw Shrimp, 2 Pounds

Pick up this bag of frozen Kirkland Signature raw shrimp from Costco. Don’t let the number on the bag fool you. It’s 21 – 25 per pound so that comes out to a total of 42 – 50 shrimp per bag (scroll for photos). That’s a great deal for only $15.79 or $7.89 a pound. Buy a bag of this Costco shrimp and use it in salads, sandwiches, pasta’s or just pan fry it with some Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter and eat it right out of the pan. Grab only what you need and keep the bag in the freezer. For all you seafood lover’s out there, this is a great deal, especially when they go on sale. They have a sweet natural flavor & are naturally low in fat. They are high in vitamins and minerals & a good source of protein.

Costco Shrimp

Here are a few details about the frozen Costco shrimp……

  • Deveined – ALL THE WORK IS DONE!
  • Raw & tail on
  • No preservatives (Ingredients are shrimp & salt)
  • Chemical – free
  • Peeled
  • Best if used by date on back along with directions

Cooking shrimp doesn’t take to long. I normally pan fry them, but if you really want to step up your presentation skills or use them on the BBQ, check out these 2 accessories for cooking shrimp. The cast iron pan will really add to the presentation when hosting…….

Price: $15.79, Item: 25551

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