Costco Apple Pie, Double Crust w/ Organic Apples

It’s that time of the year! Get your Costco Apple Pie for only $12.99. Scroll for photos. This is quite possibly my favorite pie. I know that there are plenty of fancy pie’s out there made by your local bakery, BUT I always end up wanting a slice of Costco Apple Pie during the holidays. This pie has changed over the years. For those of you who can remember, they used to sprinkle thick & crunchy sugar on top of the crust that was simply amazing. I don’t know why they ever stopped doing that. Maybe they’ll read this & change up their whole production =). They also used to make the lattice pie crust on top that was another favorite feature. Now they do a solid crust top with 6 vent holes for a finished look. I haven’t tried the apple pie this year, but I have no doubt it won’t disappoint. Here are a few more details about this apple pie…….

  • Double Crust Apple Pie (Top & Bottom)
  • Made with Organic Apples (just like their pumpkin pie)
  • Flaky Pie Crust
  • Cinnamon Slurry
  • Almost 5 pounds of pie!

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Costco Apple Pie w/ Organic Apples

I hope there are some of you out there that share my love of Costco Apple Pie’s. Please leave a comment if you remember how they’ve changed over the years. If you’re going to be serving this pie (or any other pie) for the holidays, make sure to get a professional pie server set. No one likes when it gets cut with a steak knife & scooped out with a spoon or fork. It always end up in a pile of mess on the plate. It’s all about that presentation! Make sure you serve that slice up nice & proper & get a high quality pie server here……

Price: $12.99, Item Number: 1408373

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10 thoughts on “Costco Apple Pie, Double Crust w/ Organic Apples

    1. No. Do not put that in the oven. Take it out of the plastic and warm it up in the aluminum pan underneath. It may be hard to see but there should be an aluminum pan inside the plastic housing

  1. I just bought one of these today. Wow! I can taste the spices and the apple slices were still a bit firm, not all mushy like most pies. The crust was not flaky but still tasty and had a good bit of crunchy sugar on top. Cannot believe it’s made from organic apples. Great buy at 9.99

    1. I’m so glad you like it! The recipe has changed over the years and some people like it while some don’t. It’s to be expected. They used to put these crunchy sugar crystals on top which was amazing! I still enjoy it though & get it every holiday season. I’m glad you enjoy it & thanks for stopping by!

  2. I absolutely love Costco’s apple pie! I warm it up in the oven or place a slice in my air fryer to warm it up. Add a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream or butter pecan ice cream and I am in apple pie heaven. Also, the pie where I live is $9.99. Talk about an awesome deal!

    1. $9.99! That’s a big difference for Apple Pie. Where do you live? It might be one of my favorite treats for the holiday, although, like other users have mentioned, the quality has gone down a little bit over the years. I still enjoy it & will still buy it though. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I will never buy another apple pie from Costco. My family loved the old recipe with the lattice top and the still-firm apple slices. The new pie tastes like it has jarred apple pie filling. Very disappointing. I’d rather pay a bit more for a memorable experience.

    1. You make a good point. I did notice a reduced quality this last holiday season. Unfortunately I am still a sucker for price & quantity. It’s a HUGE pie that I still enjoy & is only $12.99. I was extremely disappointed when they stopped putting the rock sugar crystals on top years ago. That was my absolute favorite. I filled out the suggestion/feedback link on Costco’s website. I doubt it will get anywhere. Maybe they’ll read this blog =). Thanks for the comment

  4. Well, The new Costco Double Crust Apple Pie is not very satisfying, 1: there are no large apple slices, it’s more like chunky apple sauce. 2: it tastes a little to sweet & has a mushy consistency. 3: the crust is not flaky just soft. * I hope they bring back the lattice top pie with the crunchy sugar. I look forward to this pie on the holidays, will not be getting it for Hanukkah/X-mas dinners. This was a miss on Costco’s end.

    1. You are right! I think I have to eat my words above. I was slightly let down. We were just talking about that 2 days ago for Thanksgiving! I really do miss the lattice apple pie with the thick sugar crystals on top. I remember thinking it was a pain to cut the HUGE apple slices with a fork & now I miss them. It’s unfortunate when they change a recipe like that. Who knows if it’s a cost cutting measure, but I’d gladly pay a few more bucks for the higher quality pie. Someone made the same comment about the Costco Pumpkin Pie. I enjoyed the pumpkin pie this year just the same, but others seem to have that the quality dropped. Maybe they’ll read this 1 blog & change their entire apple pie operation =). Anyways, thanks for the comment. We will still purchase this for Christmas because it’s still tasty & you can’t beat $12.99

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