Costco Christmas Cards, Hallmark 40 Count Box

These Costco Christmas cards are fantastic! They are perfect for the holidays when you want to send Christmas cards to friends & family. Scroll down for photos. We’ve made our own card before & it can be time consuming and expensive. This is the alternative to that……pick up this box of 40 holiday cards & you’re good to go. They are REALLY nice cards. I’m talking about the ones you would probably pay $4.99 – $7.99 each in store. Costco had a sample book out so you can see exactly what you are getting. They are high quality, thick cards & you get them for only $0.38 each. You can’t beat that! They had multiple options available so you can find the cards that fit your style. We’ve purchased the Burgoyne Handmade All Occasion Greeting Cards from Costco in the past & we loved them! I’m sure these will be no different. Here are a few more details about these cards…….

  • Hallmark – 40 Count Christmas Holiday Cards
  • 5 assorted styles
  • Self Sealing Envelopes Included
  • Postage Required
  • 10 Each of 4 Designs

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Costco Hallmark Christmas Cards, Holiday Card Box

If you tend to send out Christmas cards every year, you absolutely should buy this. Even if you don’t send 40 cards, save them for next year. Either way it will still save you money to buy them in bulk. Like I said, we’ve printed our own cards in the past & it was great, but this is sooooo much easier. Make sure to check out the photos for the different styles. If you are unable to find these ate your local Costco or just want to check out different styles (handmade cards), make sure to look at these Christmas Holiday Card Boxes on Amazon………

Price: $14.99, Item Number: 2006003

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3 thoughts on “Costco Christmas Cards, Hallmark 40 Count Box

  1. Live in San Francisco,ca.I shop at 10th Street Costco. I am looking for the Christmas cards hallmark 40 in box.will they have them this year

  2. I would like to order these cards. Please let me know if any chance of getting them. I looked in the stores and they are never available.

    1. These are usually an in-store only item. Costco did not have them for very long at my store, so I don’t know if they had limited quantities this year. They usually come out with a Burgoyne set every year, but they did not this year. They currently have an “all occasion” Burgoyne greeting card set on right now if that interests you. Hope that helps

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