Costco DeWalt Wet Dry Vacuum 10 Gallon

For those of you looking for a new wet/dry vacuum, this Dewalt Costco vacuum is a pretty hard deal to beat. This is a 10 gallon DeWalt wet/dry vacuum and is considered a medium size vacuum since they range from about 2 gallons to 20 gallons. I would say this would be plenty sufficient for your average homeowner. My first wet/dry I bought from Costco was a “Shop-Vac” brand & I should have returned it to Costco because it was awful. The diameter of the tubing was 1 1/2″ so it would get clogged ALL THE TIME. The top would not seal properly to the base so dust would spew everywhere. I honestly should have contacted Costco because of how serious they take their quality control. Oh well. The nice thing about this vacuum is it’s hose diameter is 1 7/8″ which is significantly larger so it will clog much less. Right now I have the Rigid 12 gallon NXT which I am very happy with, or else I would pick this one up immediately. This one is a little taller and slimmer which I like because it stores easier. The reviews on Costco are 4.6/5 with the negative reviews few and far between. It’s also on sale for $69.99 with the $20 off coupon. Scroll down for the dust bag model number. Here are some features of this vacuum………

  • Powerful 5.0 Peak Horsepower Motor Provides the Suction Needed for Most Cleanup Jobs
  • Rubberized Casters Provide Easy Maneuverability
  • Built-in Blower Port Powerful Enough to Blow Sawdust and Debris from Most Any Workshop
  • Large Built-in Tank Drain Makes it Easy to Empty Liquids
  • Holds 10 U.S. gallons, 1 7/8″ Hose Diameter, 5.0 Peak HP

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This item seems to be specific to Costco, Sears & Home Depot so you won’t find this on Amazon but you will find the bags much cheaper on Amazon. Below is a link to the filter bags, which I highly recommend with any shop vac. The model dust bags you want are DEWALT DXVA19-4101 6 to 10 gal Dust Bags. You can also find the manual to download as well…….

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5 thoughts on “Costco DeWalt Wet Dry Vacuum 10 Gallon

  1. Love it all around except hose is way to short. My hose is 7′. Which is a pain in the neck you have to move it around more. The hose and should be 10 feet. Now I to by a longer hose.

    1. I have not seen a small shop vacuum recently. They’ve sold a 4 gallon (maybe 6) Stanley shop vacuum before, but that was several years ago. If I find one any time soon I’ll make sure to post it

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