Costco Moet Champagne, 6 Pack Mini’s with Sipper

Costco sells the Moet Champagne 6 pack of mini’s for $59.99. Scroll for photos. What a great way to ring in the holidays by celebrating with some Brut Champagne. The Moet winery has been around for ages & is considered a high quality champagne. This is the perfect box to celebrate an event…. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Baby Shower, Engagement Party, etc. It comes with 6 x 187 mL bottles. This is equivalent to about 1 1/2 bottles of wine. The regular bottle is about $40 – $50 so you’re not really paying a premium for the individual bottles. The great part about the mini’s is that if you don’t drink them, you can always save them. No need to worry about an unfinished bottle. Plus, this pack comes with a built in ice bucket to cool these down in no time. Here are a few more details about this Costco Moet Champagne 6 pack……..

  • Moet & Chandon Champagne: Imperial Brut
  • 6 – 187 mL bottles
  • 6 mini flutes included in the box (how cool!)
  • Box turns into an ice bucket (how self sufficient!)

Moet & Chandon Champagne at Costco, 6 Pack Mini’s

This is such a cool box! It comes with the flutes for each mini bottle. All you need is ice & you’ll be ready to go with 6 bottles. Pick up a few of these to bring to any celebration & you’ll be ready to go. This looks like it may be seasonal item since it was stacked in the front of Costco. I noticed this right away upon entering the store. Costco is also carrying a lot more gift packs of alcohol, which is always a popular holiday gift. If you have trouble finding this at Costco or just want to order this online, you can have it shipped with Amazon Fresh. Check it out here……..

Price: $59.99, Item Number: 1164420

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