Costco Patio Heaters, Fire Sense Gray Patio Heater

Costco sells these Patio Heaters for $129.99. Scroll down for photos. This patio heater looks just like last years Mocha Patio Heater, except this one is gray. It’s made by the same company Fire Sense. It’s been very cold lately so this would be a great purchase right now. I’ve eaten outside a few times where they had patio heaters & they really do put out a LOT of heat. This patio heater is rated up to 46,000 BTU’s. Remember that these patio heater’s DO NOT come with a propane tank. You will have to buy one to go with. They run around $30 for the thank + $20 to fill it. If you wait, this will probably go on sale for $99.99. They did last year! Here is a little more information about these Costco Patio Heaters………

  • 46,000 BTU’s
  • Powder-Coated Steel Finish
  • Electronic Ignition System
  • Wheel Kit Included
  • Propane Tank Not Included
  • Weight: 20.16 kg or 44.5 pounds
  • Color: Gray

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Costco Fire Sense Gray Patio Heater

People really love these heater’s. They currently sell them on Costco’s website for $139.99. That’s $10 more for shipping and handling. Pick it up in store if you can & save some money. They also come in 2 colors online……gray and brown. The biggest complaint was that this unit rusts over time. The recommendation was to go with a stainless steel model. I haven’t seen that in store at Costco though (just online for the stainless steel model). If you want to check out some other HIGHLY RATED patio heaters, make sure to check these out below (check out the STAINLESS STEEL model)……..

Price: $129.99, Item Number: 1902415

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6 thoughts on “Costco Patio Heaters, Fire Sense Gray Patio Heater

    1. Thanks for the update Paul. I stopped by my local Costco this week & you’re right. $139.99. They still have the empty propane cylinders for sale too

        1. No. I don’t believe it is adjustable & I believe it is done that way for safety. We wouldn’t want these too close to the ground or they might start a fire. Wouldn’t want your hair catching on fire during dinner =). Thanks for the question

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