Costco Window Air Conditioner, Hisense 8000 BTU 350sq/ft

Costco sells this Hisense Window Air Conditioner for $199.99! Scroll down for photos. This is a new items at Costco because it’s the first time this year I have seen it on the shelves. We live in the Bay Area, CA & the weather here never gets too hot. Most of the homes where I live do not have A/C because it’s not really necessary. After saying that, we do get a few hot spells a year, where this unit would be a life saver. Our house gets so hot, that we can’t cool any part of it & it makes sleeping uncomfortable. These window ac units are AMAZING. It’ll cool your room down in such a short period of time. It’s meant for 350 square feet & our rooms are only around 200 – 250, so it’s quite effective. Here are a few more details about this Costco Window Air Conditioner……..

  • Hisense Window Air Conditioner, Model: HAW0821CW1W
  • 350 Square Feet, 18′ x 20′ room size
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Works w/ Alexa & Google
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • 3 Speeds & Remote
  • Thermostat
  • 4 Way Air Flow Direction
  • Fits Windows: 24.5″ – 39″ Wide

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Costco Hisense Window Air Conditioner 8000BTU 350 Square Feet

This is one of those items that must be purchased before it gets hot. If you find yourself heading to Costco when its 100+ degrees outside, I can almost guarantee these will be sold out everywhere. This is a newer unit so there are not very many reviews. It’s got some great features such as WiFi & being smart enabled. This means you can control it from your phone or app. It would be nice to cool a room down before walking in the house. If you don’t have a window this can fit or want to try out a swamp cooler, make sure to check out the links below. We purchased the Hessaire MC18M from Amazon & it worked WONDERS in our house. For a unit that uses ONLY water, it’s AMAZING how cool it can keep the house. I filled the bin with ice/water & it lasted 4-5 hours on high. The first link you will see is for the swamp cooler & the next couple links are for some other HIGHLY RATED AC units. Check them out here………..

Price: $199.99, Item Number: 1498404

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21 thoughts on “Costco Window Air Conditioner, Hisense 8000 BTU 350sq/ft

  1. My unit is already connected to a different account, so it’s not letting me connect it to my new account. Does anyone know how to connect to a new account, or reset it?

  2. So I just purchased this ac unit on 9/15/21 and me and my father installed it together but what is puzzling both of us is where is the drain for the water to come out of like past ac units I’ve had. There is no water leaking onto the ground but there is water inside when you look where the fan is at. I looked in the owners manual and it states nothing about it….maybe someone can help?

    1. Per the manual “The air conditioner should slope slightly downward toward the outside. Level the air conditioner to provide a downward slope toward the outside to ensure proper drainage. See the Installation Instructions. NOTE: Do not drill a hole in the bottom of the metal base and condensate pan.”. They also mention not to caulk the holes underneath so the condensate can drain out. It sounds as if their are drainage holes on the exterior of the unit so it drains outside. Hope that helps

  3. I just purchased in warehouse today (8/27) when I saw a $40 off sale. Sadly, after much installation angst, I agree with Bill and am encountering the same problem. To build on his description, the distance between the frame of the inner window and the frame of the outer storm window for me is about 5 inches. In order to rest the main body of the AC unit on the storm window frame and to nestle the curtain on the frame of the inner window with a good seal (as in it is square to the frame and no bugs can crawl under) like in Bill’s description, the bottom of the AC unit needs to be level at all contact points (meaning where the unit rests on the storm window frame). However, about 2 inches in from the curtain on the right side, the bottom plate of the AC unit has a raised surface (i.e. Bump) about 1/2 inch higher than the left side, as Bill mentioned. This bump will sit on top of the storm window frame on the right side and thereby cause an unavoidable tilt of the unit to the left. I think that reading my description doesn’t really clarify what I’m looking at (one of those you have to see it yourself to understand situations). However, to me the punch line is this, if the distance between the inside frame to your storm window frame is greater than 2 inches, you will not be able to install this Unit easily. I’m sure I could fabricate a solution – I think you might be able to put small 1/2 inch thick shim (I’m trusting Bill’s guess on the bump dimension) on the left side to balance out the bump on the right- but doesn’t seem worth the trouble and could be structurally risky over the long term. Also there are two bare screws (thread end) protruding from the bottom of the unit which scratched up my table – just an FYI and public service announcement. I will be returning my two units to Costco.

    1. Thanks for he detailed response Steve! Sounds like you really put some time in when trying to install this window air conditioner. Sorry to hear you are going to have to return the unit. Sounds like there is just an obvious design flaw. Thanks for taking the time to give us that information in this post. Hopefully people will be able to read your review before making the purchase. It was a great deal, especially at $40 off, but if it doesn’t work it’s not worth it. Hopefully you find a solution that works for you. Thanks again!

      1. So, desperate times called for desperate measures (my central air had failed and we were faced with 90F+ humid weather). I found two wooden boards that were 2 inches in width and roughly 20 inches long, stacked them, and put them under the AC so that it supported the available flat area under the unit. This raised the unit above the shelf of the storm window so now the unit is supported by the boards instead of the storm window frame. I had to make sure to stuff any openings with the included foam seals and supplement with other packing material. Seems to have worked for now. There is probably a more elegant solution, but I was in a rush.

        1. Nice going Steve! Sounds like you Macgyver’d the A/C unit into place. Glad you were able to make it work especially with the heat wave upon us. The nice thing is you can still always return it if it doesn’t work out. Thanks for sharing the tip!

  4. I am looking for a Window Air Conditioner review & the blog seems to be very interesting & the reviews of customers seem very genuine. I will check out your other blog as well.

    1. Sorry to hear DF. I’m sure you tried all the common problems. That’s a bummer because even if the window air conditioner works great, the problematic remote will sour people on this item. Thanks for the heads up

    1. Thanks for the review. Wonder if it’s just the remote. If you contact customer service, maybe Hisense will send you a new remote. Glad to hear it works well for your needs

  5. For some reason they’ve made the sheet metal on the bottom uneven, with a protrusion on the right, where it’s elevated about 1/2″. If (like me) you are used to nestling the curtain on the frame on your inner window and resting the body of the unit on the frame of the storm windows, the part on the storm windows lists downward to the left, making the fit of the front/curtain impossible, as it’s not level anymore.
    I’m going to try installing a mounting bracket myself and see if I can find a sweet spot where the unit can rest evenly on it. Not a sure thing, as there are a bunch of smaller protrusions.

    1. Ok. That’s great information. Thanks for the heads up Bill! Maybe you can send me a few photos ([email protected]) so other readers (including myself) can have a better understand of what you mean. There may be other people that have a similar issue & you might help them to solve the problem. Thanks for coming back & giving us a detailed explanation. Hopefully you get it squared away without too much hassle.

  6. Please don’t buy this– they’ve somehow made the bottom of it uneven so it will either list to the left (meaning the curtains can’t be secured) or you can spend $250 to have a workman install mounting brackets.

    1. Thanks for the review Bill. I can’t fully picture what the issue was so I apologize for that. Sorry you had a bad experience with the air conditioner. I’m wondering if it was your specific window where the issue is, or if it’s a more common thing. This was a highly rated window air conditioner & a lot of people like the unit. If it does need extra mounting brackets, maybe you can give some tips on how those were installed. Thanks

    1. Nice! Ya, it’s on sale right now. Seems like a screaming deal for $150. good thing you got it now before summer really heats up. Have you had a chance to install it? How does it work for you?

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